Troika! Resources

This is going to be hopefully a continually updated list of resources for Troika! and Advanced Fighting Fantasy, to include any other games descended from Fighting Fantasy.

I will only be including legit and legal links.

Some of these links are affiliate links and by clicking them could earn me a small commission.

Troika! (has an SRD and compatibility logo) or

Melsonian Arts Council (UK)

Iglootree (UK) 

Rook's Press (UK)

Exalted Funeral (USA)

Spear Witch (USA)

Cave Evil (USA)

Floating Chair

Monkey's Paw Games (Canada)

ratti incantati (Canada)

The Melsonian Arts Council Discord (beware of sandwiches)

Troika! third party publishers

Troika Background Jam on

Troika Tarot Jam on

Axes & Orcs on

Axe & Orcs on Drivethru.

Jared S on

Philip McElmurray

Evey "Filth Gnome" Lockhart

John Erwin


Derek Kinsman

Ember + Ash on

Ember + Ash on Drivethru.

aaron king

ktrey's Gorgon Trail  & on

Roll 4 Tarrasque

Martin Dubuque



Goatman's Goblet

Micah Anderson on

Micah Anderson on Spear Witch

Micah Anderson on Exalted Funeral

ostrichmonkey games


Sean Richer as Orbital Intelligence LLC Drivethru/

Sean Richer as Hypatias Angst on  

Sean Richer on Spear Witch

Sean Richer on Exalted Funeral

 Eric K. Hill/Silver Hooves

R. Rook Studio, on

r. rook games on drivethru

Curated lists of third-party Troika!

My curated list on

Jared S' curated list on

Other Things

Technical Grimoire by David Schirduan has a background generatorand initative tracker.

Luke Gearing's Troika tag on ANT-LERRR


Troika! third party settings.

Contains more than a collection of backgrounds or monsters/NPCs.

Leafpunk on

Leafpunk on Drivethru


Empty Sector: A Sci-Fi Setting for Troika!

Troika! third party bestiaries.

Either an actual bestiary, or something that contains one or more monsters/NPCs

Beasts Drolatiques

Ca'la - A Game-themed Adventure

Troika! third party adventures & locations

In the Face of Embarrassment

13 Story Bazaar

A Forest of Whispering Speakers

you wouldn't last one minute in the creek

Ca'la - A Game-themed Adventure

Crisis on Christmas

A Typical Troikan Market

Troika! Pamphlet Adventure Jam

Troika! Third Party materials on Golden Barges and Space

Ætherjack’s Almanac Collection 

Ætherjack’s Almanac 1-6 [BUNDLE]

Hexdrive vol 1 Itch. Spearwitch.

Empty Sector: A Sci-Fi Setting for Troika!


 Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void on

 Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void on drivethru

Troika! third party background collections

Ca'la - A Game-themed Adventure

The Overpowering Influence of Delight


Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void

A Quadrilogy of Backgrounds

Cosmic Science Fantasy Troika! Backgrounds

Life of the Poultry

Frauds, Frogs, and More: 6 Backgrounds for Troika!

My booty go hard like [WINE COOLERS] so I bought some stock art.

Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Spheres - vol. C through 18

Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Sphere-- Volume Mirrors Through

Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Spheres: Volume Scissors Through Widdershins

 Troika Game Jams on

Troika Background Jam!

Troika! Tarot Jam

The Great Troika! Pocket Sphere Jam!

Troikafest! 2021 Game Jam

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