11 January 2021

Troika! Bundle of Holding Benefiting Direct Relief #troikarpg

 I, among several other very extremely wonderful and talented third-party publishers of Troika! conent are in the Troika! Bundle of Holding

I own and rather like everything in this bundle, even if I never have the time to write about them.

Adventurer! This Troika Bundle presents the Troika! tabletop fantasy roleplaying game from Melsonian Arts Council. You are a wizard, a warrior, or maybe a macrame owl, dimension-hopping in your golden barge among the crystal spheres strung like pearls across the hump-backed sky. The simple Troika! rules, inspired by the 1980s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, let beginners and jaded roleplayers alike go wild in crazed cross-planar pursuits. Whether you're pruning a Floral God, infiltrating the Palace of Tigers, or helping His Moist Magnificence, the slug monarch King Juniper Jupiter Lexx-Hafwall IV, Troika! lets you trip the light fantastic, or maybe just trip out, in visionary adventures fueled by hallucinatory creativity.

Fighting the pandemic

Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to this offer's pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief. Direct Relief sends protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and Canada and to regional response agencies around the world.

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