14 February 2020


Today I read a blog post on why you should not being trying to monetize your hobbies, specifically talking about the toll that capitalism takes on trying to make your hobbies and passions into jobs and earn a living off of them.

So while I am not yet at the making a living stage, I know more than a few folx who do, and they literally say, do the work, get paid what you're worth, and hopefully you can get to where you are supporting yourself and your family off of publishing rpgs.

When I read this blog post and the author says you shouldn't because the bar to entry of self publishing is so low anybody can do it, so that means everybody can. I think back to being told the exact opposite. Because it is so easy to self publish now, the barrier to entry is so low you can try.

At the end of the day, charge, don't charge. Try to make a living off it, or just do it as some extra cash. But really, who should you listen to? The guy who isn't poor that tells you not to do the thing for money, or the folx who make a living off of it?

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