13 January 2020

Stay Tuned for March

 I hit the public button for Troika Tarot Jam even though I've scheduled for March, so after zinequest2. Is that a good idea? I don't know.

HOT on the heels of #troikajam is yet another jam for Troika! and backgrounds.  Only instead of being a glorious mass of exploration with what a background can be, an exploration of information compactness. This is an idea that's been bouncing in my head as well as at least S Jared's, and others.
Preamble out of the way.
This for Troika! an analog roleplaying game. Any video game submissions will be deleted.
Play nice and share. So limit yourself to one (1) singular background.
Each background must (should) reasonably fit on the space of a single side of a tarot card with dimensions of 2.75" x 4.75" (69.8 mm x 120.7 mm), could include a 0.125" bleed. Or roughly 150 of words. For example, at Averia Serif Libre 9pt plus formatting, I can fit maybe 200 words, but with my text styles 150 is the average I've gotten to fit legibly. You can find a template I modified for this purpose here.  You can also check out Drivethru's specifications. Back image is totally optional, so don't let that be an intimidating factor.
An idea I had had, was to compile all the cards into a deck and allow folx to order it at cost from Drivethru RPG. But that can be a discussion or something.
Bigotry is a big fat no. "Be" as the Great Ones say, "excellent to another." I have zero chill and qualms about whole ass booting folx.
Please don't forget to include on the card's itch page since there is no way to fit this on a card:
"[Product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council."  And you can use the Troika! Compatible aka Fortle graphic available for free on the Numinous Edition page, if you want.

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