12 November 2019

Troikajammer 1.x Engines


These are rough mechanical ideas to facilitate dumping Spelljammer on top of Troika for purposes of having some rules.
Honestly should get around to asking the few other people who have done this for what they did, but also anti-canon.
As these are mostly just a conversion kind of thing I won't be bothering to rename most things.
Spell Engines
To fuel one of these engines someone must expend stamina as if they were casting a spell. This is enough to fuel one day's operation.
Ship/Spelljammer Rating is based on the Skill+Level of the spell being "cast."
For minor helms SR = 1/3 total Skill rating.
For major helms SR = 1/2 total Skill rating.
Elemental Engines
It costs 1d3 stamina to fuel one for one day.
SR is 1/2 the elemental's relevant piloting Skill rating.
These consume metals.
The SR is always 2. The amounts listed are a week's worth of fuel. Examples are in parentheses.
Iron - 5 TONS
Lead - 1 TON
Semiprecious metals (silver) - 8 pounds
Precious metals (gold or platinum) - 1 ounce
Ultra-rare metals (uranium or other radioisotopes) - 1/2 ounce

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