20 April 2019

A quick bit on sky-rat aeroplanes

A quick bit on sky-rat aeroplanes
My wife and I are working on our own personal setting, part of which involves kobold riding dragons and gnome sky-rat aeroplanes.
Because of my fondness of PC2 and the gnome aeroplanes I’ve been keeping my eye out for books on early aircraft. And found this the 16th.

Since I noticed that the Mk VI Polecat is super similar looking to the Fokker Dr.I, I’ve been wondering if there were other strong similarities between other planes for purposes of filling in the non-combat specs of those planes. PC2 lacks important information such as the dimensions and weight of the planes.

Clockwise from the upper left: Pflanger-Skyratchet, Smurfri-Lodestar, Topcat, Polecat

Fokker Dr.I

As Classics of the Air isn’t an exhaustive resource on early military aircraft it wouldn’t be fair to assume all the craft in PC2 will find a twin in it. However, have found close twins and for my purposes they will probably suffice.
Either or both of the two-seaters, Pflanger-Skyratchet or Topcat, could be based on the Brequet 19 or the Albatross C.III.

Albatross C.III
Brequet Bre 19

The Smurfri-Lodestar bears a resemblance to the de Havilland Dragons and Dragon Rapides.

DH.84 Dragon

13 April 2019

The Phlogister for the Harry Clark Bestiary

The Phlogister

Number of Party: One
Level: 10
Armor: As Mail & Shield
Movement: As a normal person or a bit faster than a vessel
Attacks: Two lanterns, each as a heavy flail
Special attack: Petrifying fog
Special defense: Mundane fog
Special weakness: Triple damage from fire-based attacks
Other notes: Petrifying fog is extremely flammable, tripling the size and damage of fire-based attack. Any mundane fire will explode in a 3'-5' radius for 1d6d6 damage.
Treasure: Scarf of Void-Breathing, Suit of Star-twinkles and Astral-rays (enchanted mail), Slippers of Vapor Stepping, Lanterns of Phlogiston, and 5d10 slightly irradiated gold pieces.
Alignment: Celestial Law

A phlogister is a mysterious being encountered in interstellar space, the astral or ethereal planes. They are always encountered within a fog, noticeably denser interstellar dust, or a thickening of the phlogiston. They are so rarely met that many scholars believe there to be only one; however, there are as many as there are stars and celestial realms. As agents of Celestial Law they are non-aggressive towards most mortals and are unconcerned with their laws and rules, concerned only with the maintenance of the local celestial regions.

If pressed or provoked to combat, in addition to their garb and lanterns, their fog provides concealment equal to a heavy fog, 50% miss chance. Their twin lanterns are fueled by the pure ethereal light of stars, the source of the constantly flowing mists. Each round they can make two attacks, one per lantern. At will a phlogister can turn the mists into shimmering & glowing phlogiston. In most places it will take one round to reach optimal density, after which each round inflicts a petrification effect, first reducing all speeds by 75%, then all speeds and attacks by 50%, then 25%, finally petrifaction. Each stage allows a save vs petrification to stave off the effect for a round. While a creature remains within the phlogiston, they have to continue making saving throws. Only a remove curse of an 11th level or higher caster or uncoerced will of the phlogister can reverse these effects. Should they face overwhelming odds or are reduced to 25% hp, they will flee at just faster than the speed of any pursers, escaping after 1d6 rounds. Each round whomever is leading may make a 5d6 roll-under WIS check to maintain distance, adding 1 more round.
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07 April 2019

ꙮ The Panopticium: An Entry From the Soggy Warlock's Compendium of Curious Creatures

The second monster for Mini Monster Jam on itchio is the many-eyed and feathered giants know as the panopticium. The main submission to the jam is here, and will be PWYW until the jam is over, in less than a day.

I'm also selling these entries singularly on Drivetru. After I have enough make it worth doing print I'll bundle the pdfs up etc.

06 April 2019

The Nautilium: Well-Dressed Skull-Munching Opium-Smoking Sophonts From the Stars

So I was making fun of Product Identity monsters on twitter the other day, and I noticed that the Mini Monster Jam on itchio is still going. So I've brainstorming some monsters kind of like them.

Introducing the nautilium. They come from space. Dress very well. Eat mammalian organs. And smoke opium.

It's PWYW until the jam ends. If I remember.

I'm also selling these entries singularly on Drivetru. After I have enough make it worth doing print I'll bundle the pdfs up etc.

Ætherjack’s Almanac Number 1

How exactly do golden barges traverse the humpbacked sky? The anti-canonical answer to that is found here in the first issue of Æther...