12 December 2018

On the Overland Travel Day

I've been thinking about overland travel in D&D. A week or so ago I was watching Critical Role. The gang were getting ready to camp for the night, as it was getting dark. It hit me that overland travel is suppose to cover the set and break down of camp within the rates given.
The overland travel rates have been relatively consistent over the editions w/ the normal unencumbered on clear terrain rate of 24 miles per day. Removing the 8 hours of sleep, that is 16 hours of travel per day. That's 1.5 miles per hour......
The average real world person walks about 3mph. Not only that but the 5e phb lists 3 mph as the unencumbered walking speed. That's 8hrs of travel. Your players should have about 4 hours to set up and break camp, which should include eating, grooming, and memorizing spells.
Also, I fucking hate the description of "setting of camp as it's getting dark."
The average day would be 6-8am to 2-4pm.

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