25 May 2018

I don't know how bad of an alt-right problem the OSR has, but damn are there some Nazi supporters and tolerators who publish OSR stuff.

Using the outrage surrounding your acknowledgement of a neo-nazi murderer on your publishing company's blog is kind of shitty regardless how much you defend yourself. At best you are saying you tolerate their beliefs and actions enough to ignore them, at worst you are providing tacit approval of their views. Particularly if you aren't directly condemning them; instead condemning the outrage folks express over your acknowledgment of some neo-nazi as if you hold some moral high-ground for being tolerant of those views because of freedom of speech.

I'm talking specifically about Jim Raggi of Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Holding views of ethnic purity, supremacy, or other such related bullshit, while they are opinions, are the sort that someone shouldn't decide is the free speech hill they will stand on.These are not opinions to be debated. These views are calls to action to inflict violence on people for simply being born into some group. Calling folks who espouse the views of Nazis, Nazis isn't hyperbole, or whatever. By holding those views they are literal Nazis, or neo-Nazis. Doesn't matter how pretty they are.

Being willing to ignore someone's horrible views because they might be a good gamer, is also shitty. You are saying you are ok with filth like Nazis, so long as they aren't siegheiling and goosestepping at your table. I'm talking about David McGrogan, Noism of Monsters and Manuals, who had
 "great friendships and conversations I've had with people who hold diametrically or at least very fundamentally different views to mine: Communists, atheists, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, born-again-Christians, Northern Irish republicans, Scottish Nationalists, UKIP voters, Manchester United supporters, Black Supremacists, White Supremacists, gun nuts, Daily Mail readers, Guardian readers, radical feminists, Australians, even fans of Doctor Who."
Clearly he's ok with the views of racial/ethnic superiority, and whats also fucked up is equating fans of a fucking tv show with racial supremacists.