21 March 2018

Sky Gnome Dirigibles

Unlike the sky gnomes in Top Ballista, the sky gnomes in my campaign primarily use dirigibles as their passenger and cargo vessels instead of the Cloud Clipper bi-plane. They are manufactured by Clan Eastdock, a small clan concerned almost entirely with airship manufacture, including their proprietary fire elemental engine line. Similar to the more common engines of the aeroplanes, an Eastdock engine converts the energy of fire magics into mechanical energy. Unlike the common engines that store the potential energy of spells cast into the tanks, an Eastdock engine has a receptacle for a conjured fire elemental rather than a storage tank. This container summons and holds an elemental for 24 hours minus 1d4 hours making the range of an airship limited by stores of water, of which a negligible amount is slowly lost as steam. What an Eastdock airship lacks in speed it makes up with a quieter and smoother ride compared to a Cloud Clipper, ideal for non-gnomish passengers and sightseers. And aside from the engine, an airship is a much simpler craft, allowing them to be made to looser standards and much larger. The largest in common use can transport five tons at a time, more than double a Cloud Clipper, which is the largest plane the gnomes can build currently.

An Eastdock airship

Small Eastdock Gnome Airship
Type: Small Airship
Cost: 20,000 gp
Crew & Passengers: 1 engineer/pilot & 5 passengers (no cargo)
Cargo: 500 lbs (no passengers)
Weaponry (typical): None
Performance Specifications
Armor Class: 9 (11)
Forward Airspeed:
540' (180')
120 miles per day
Maneuverability Factor: MF 1
Hull Points: 20-40

Great Eastdock Gnome Airship
Type: Large Airship
Cost: 200,000 gp
Crew & Passengers: 5 engineers & 50 passengers (no cargo)
Cargo: 5 tons (no passengers)
Weaponry (typical): None
Performance Specifications
Armor Class: 9 (11)
Forward Airspeed:
360' (120')
80 miles per day
Maneuverability Factor: MF 1/2
Hull Points: 70-90

Included for comparison, the Cloud Clipper.

Smurfri-Lodestar F3F Cloud Clipper
Type: Eleven-seat Biplane enclosed cabin
Cost: 250,000 gp
Crew & Passengers: Passenger model, 1 pilot & 10 passengers; cargo model 1 pilot & 3 passengers.
Load: Passenger model, 600 lbs; cargo model, 1800 lbs.
Weaponry (typical): Synchronized twin-propeller spike guns (1d8), Crossbow box (16 crossbows & bolts for passenger usage—locked in cabinet near pilot’s seat. ; no bomb bay.
Performance Specifications
Armor Class: 4 (16)
Forward Airspeed: 400’/round unloaded (-5’/round /passenger or 1000cn load)
Maneuverability Factor: MF 1
Tank capacity: 500,000 yards (285 miles), (500 HD magic)
Hit Points: 135