22 March 2018

Maho Shoujo PBTA Campaign Brainstorming

This is using the background and concepts of Exalted as inspiration for a magical girl game. This is primarily intended for a Magical Fury and/or Magical Burst game. 

Celestial Exalts are the influence on the styles of the maho shoujo, magical girl, and associated NPCs. Celestial Exalts and their sponsors/patrons are models for maho shoujo and source of power.
The PCs are maho shoujo that are gifted their magic from life-giving and affirming Sun. It is recommended their moves be influenced by Solar Charms. The broad strokes of the Solar Exaltations being imprisoned and then released will be mirrored with the PC maho shoujo. Along with the magical powers gifted them by the Sun, they gain partial and vague memories of the prior maho shoujo who possessed their spark*.

Tsukaima, their familiars, are based on the Lunar Exalts. They are the long-lived or reincarnation companions the maho shoujo, created to support their maho shoujo primarily with advice. This does not mean they do not have their own motives, some of which may be sinister. Tsukaima have a strong bond to a particular maho spark* and posses most if not all of their memories together. They have two forms, the cute if oddly off animal form and a massive monstrous hell-beast. Not all tsukaima have a maho shoujo, and those without a companion are mysteriously drawn to witches, whether to aid or destroy them is unknown. They also view themselves as stewards of the Earth and of their maho shoujo.

While it will not be obvious to new maho shoujo, there are more than just witches and youma, or rather, witches have two general types: witches of the Green Sun and witches of Abyss, and there are also more antagonistic maho shoujo who serve other Celestial Forces: Infernal and Abyssal maho shoujo, maho shoujo whose spark* has been corrupted by the Green Sun and the Abyss respectively, and Agents of Heaven, Angels, who are servants to the forces of Fate and Destiny, Maintainers of the Natural Order, most of whom are antagonistic to maho shoujo but are also restricted in how they interact with the mortal realm. That is all in addition to youma, which are best classified by what they do rather than 'where' they are from.

The Dragon-blooded are the inspiration for old money style dynastic sorcerous families maintain order on Earth. They turned on the maho shoujo at the urging of the Angels in a long ago age, and in this current age, view youma, maho shoujo, and witches as one and same, just a bunch of demonically influenced monsters that were once humans or as outright demons.

A witch is sorcerer or maho shoujo of the Sun who has signed a pact with either the Green Sun or the Neverborn of the Abyss. They retain their original powers, but gain powers similar to both youma and the maho shoujo of the Green Sun or the Abyss respectively. Similar to the witches are the maho shoujo of the Green Sun and the Abyss, who are mortals gifted with a spark* of the Sun that been twisted to their own purposes. Those of the Green Sun are the most similar to the demonic youma; while, those of the Abyss are best described as dark inversions of those of the Sun.

The Green Sun is a group of demonic primordial forces that were sealed away within themselves, seek to return to the mortal realm, and reshape it in their own image. The Neverborn of the Abyss is a group of primordials related to the Green Sun who impossibly died as beings that predated the concept of death. They exist in eternal death that is not death. They seek to unmake the universe so they can be released from their never-ending suffering.