19 March 2018

Life-Shaped Flying Mounts of the Halfings of the L4 Wilds

These are conversions of the life-shaped flying mounts from Windrider of the Jagged Cliffs into a BECMI style format for use with aerial combat rules of Champions of Mystara (for now).

The halflings of the Wilds of the L4 Point posses incomplete knowledge of growing and manipulating living creatures and tissues into useful forms, much like other peoples manufacture tools. The following mounts are an expression of that craft.

All Life-Shaped creations, such as the following flying mounts, require a quart per hit die per day of a nutritive ichor that only the halflings of the Wilds can produce. Each quart costs 1gp. A mount can last 1d4+1 days without the ichor, but every day past that deals 1d4 points of damage and slows it by 30' (10').