02 February 2018

Elven Flitter For BECMI/Champions of Mystara

While I wait for my life to settle down, I'm working on updating my campaign setting. I want to use the BECMI aerial combat rules as seen in Dawn of the Emperors, PC2 Top Ballista, and Champions of Mystara because they were introduced for specifically aerial dogfighting in DoE, refined in PC2, and expanded to skyships in CoM. Spelljammer is more focused on space/naval ship combat. 

I've done a conversion based on what I feel the Flitter would be if the scale of the game was adjusted to make small fighter craft more interesting. Consequentially, I am now fleshing out the Earth-Moon system for my campaign, which includes the remnants of an Imperial Elven Naval Fleet.

Depowered Flitters have a non-magical, tactical speed only engine with SR2. Tactical Elven Engines are used primarily in Flitters, storing and converting sunlight into tactical movement, occasionally showing up as backups in Man-o-Wars. Larger Elven ships are too large for TEEs to move. The standard TEE stores 360,000 yards of movement, and takes 24 hours of sunlight to fully refill.

Thorn Launchers (1d6) launch arrow sized thorns. Each launcher has 10 thorns ready. It takes a full turn for the launcher to grown another set of 10. 

The remnants of the IEN through the Earth-Moon Lagrange points have decayed into various tribes clustered around the L4 and L5 points, known locally as the Wilds and Forest, respectively. There are very few minor and major helms among the tribes making travel between the Lagrange Points rare. The conventional engines can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to make an inter-point trip, and the various tribes rarely use their few helm equipped ships to travel to the other points. 

Elven Flitter
Type: Imperial Elven Navy Single-Seat Multi-Purpose Light Spelljammer
Weaponry (typical):
Wings: Synchronized  Thorn Launchers (1d6)
Performance Specifications
Armor Class: 6 (14)
Forward Airspeed:
240' (80') with Tactical Elven Engine
120' (40') times SR with a helm
Maneuverability Factor: MF 3
Tank capacity: 360,000 yards
Hit Points: 90