31 January 2017

Donate to a good cause; get a sweet book?

First off, Lamentations of the Flame Princess is my favorite simulacrum of Dungeons and Dragons. It's basically Basic D&D, but James Raggi and every body who makes things for him make all the LotFP books among the best to use at the table. The artwork is as a whole, while gruesome and grisly, very well done. The books themselves are functional at the table AND look good while doing it.

I personally use Rules & Magic every time I want to run a game for new people or at conventions. James Raggi's own intro adventure Tower of the Stargaze is my favorite intro adventure.

Ok, so on to the real stuff.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the publisher of Vornheim and Red & Pleasant Land is offering any book from its catalogue free to anyone who donates US$50 or more to the ACLU (that's American Civil Liberties Union for those of you who don't read the news).

So if you've ever wanted these or any other LOTFP books like Kenneth Hite's Qelong or Jeff Rients new classic Broodmother Sky Fortress or Kiel Chenier's Blood in the Chocolate,  now's a great time--the offer ends soon:


Offer is good for donations made from January 29 2017 onward.
One free book per person.
Offer good through February 2017, or until we give away 500 books, whichever comes first.
Books available through this offer: http://www.lotfp.com/store/
(yes, you can pick a t-shirt instead)
Email proof of your donation to lotfp@lotfp.com along with your desired book and your shipping address.
You will not be added to any mailing list, your information won't be passed on, etc.