20 August 2017

Beneath the Spire: Once more under the spire they go

Sister Belica, her ward Cedric the goblin, and Ruth the Really Good Dog engaged some minor sleuthing, investigating who has been "correcting" the various bills on the town post. Along they way they discover the joys of fried cheese, fried assorted mechanically separated meats, and just how much cheese a goblin can eat. The fried food stuffs being provided by the mysterious Abby, an associate of the mysterious noble from Shardheim. It turns out Abby is interested in the unique green metal that Clanky the construct is made of and will pay quite handsomely for it, 100 silver per pound. As part of the deal, Sister Belica instead insisted that all proceeds go towards renovations of the rundown cemetery chapel, whose sole member is Father Thomas Bodette, a shabby and rundown drunk. Along the way they are introduced to Klaus von Swarzwald, a German mercenary of suitably outrage dress.

They discovered the gifting the goblin Tony Danza, ruler of the Underspire Bugbear Goblins, human foods other than cheese had transformed her into a young girl. This lead to the purchasing of a very pretty dress and Meal de Joi from the Golden Arches, Robert the Large's rival eatery.

They convinced one of the goblins to pick the lock of the massive iron doors of the Underspire Keep discovering a long bridge of glass leading to a ring of glass or jade megaliths, having to defeat a glass monster on the bridge, during which fight Klaus almost died several times, but thanks to the bravery of Ruth shielding him with her body, and the expert marksmanship and the grace of God and St Jancis, not a single life was lost.

We left our adventurers with them wondering how to monetize their discovery, for while not wanting for lucre they could always do with more. And with the mystery of whom Abby is, as her apparent allergy to religion and skeletal housekeeping staff indicate less than holy associations.

08 August 2017

Beneath the Spire: A sidetrek

I've been extremely lax in sharing play reports or the like. No I'm not going to summarize the first 5 or so sessions of my current campaign.

This is a brief recap of last Sunday's session.

Sister Belica and her young ward the goblin Cedric being the only ones to survive the first Expedition Beneath Robert the Large's Eatery and Hostel, was able to negotiate the use of the fallen fighter and hopeful financier Vijalka's numerous hunting dogs to reconnoiter the last suspected location of Vijalka the fighter, Aravar the magic-user, and Hathgar the dwarf.
Upon discovering a scene of what could only be the final battle of the three erstwhile troubleshooters, Sister Belica et al were ambushed by nearly 20 giant spiders. Fortunately one of the dogs was a Very Good Dog and was able to drag Sister Belica to safety after succumbing to the spiders' venom. Sadly, that was one of two of the only dogs to survive out of an initial seven.