14 June 2017

From the word-hoard: Reusing dead PCs and familiars

This is a transcription from a condensed statblock from my old PF campaign. That is why it is not in the usual format.

Brico (Unfettered Eidolon Nightmare) CR 3

Init +4; Darkvision 120ft; Perception +2, Stealth +10
AC 16, Touch 14, Flat-footed 12
hp 7 (1d8); regeneration 5 (good or silver)
Fort +3 Ref +6 Will +0; DR 5/good or silver; Illusion resistance +4; Feign Death DC 12
Speed 40ft, fly 10ft perfect
2 bite +3 (1d6+3) or 2 power attack bites +2 (1d6+6)
CMB +3 CMD 17 (21 vs trip)
Specials: Night Terrors DC 12 1d4 CHA damage every hour for 8 hours; Constant Protection from Good (+2 AC and Saves vs good)

This tortured soul is the twisted remains of the summoner Dunsali's eidolon, unfettered by her sudden death, warped by hatred for those it feels caused her death, and strengthened by the weird magics of the Spire.