13 February 2017

Some facts about the England of Knights & Kaiju

The mecha primarily use bundles of contractile fibers harvested from fungal trees. Rarely, knights will utilize the muscles of megafauna, but this is discouraged due to the risk such mecha have of running berserk from interference with the heart fueled reactors. Through generations of selective cultivation many different grades of these fibers are grown. 

Combined with differences in braiding, power output of reactors, and frame strength, a wide range of mecha strength and load-bearing exists. Naturally at the top are mecha piloted for war by kings, knights, and other good at men-at-arms. 

Every mecha of the knightly classes possesses at least one directed energy weapon as they only need to be mounted well and connected to a reactor to operate. Their rate of fire is slower than comparable ballistic weapons, caused by the larger amounts of waste head; as well as having shorter ranges. These are likely to be only weapons of a Rouncy- or Sumpter-class mecha.

Chemically propelled ballistic weapons tend to be big, heavy, and LOUD, in addition the manufacture of the ammunition is controlled, leaving them to be either mounted on fortifications or on the Charger- and Destrier-class mecha of knights.

Mechanically powered ballistic weapons are simply bows and crossbows. While these weapons do occasionally end up being used by knights, these are primarily peasant weapons intended for defending against megafauna.   
Despite mecha seeming to bristle with a limitless cornucopia of death from afar knightly combat frequently comes down to lances and swords, whether from a personal challenge or having ran their ammo bins dry. While there are axes and mauls meant for mecha hands, those are tools used by peasants, and not considered knightly weapons. Only the sword, shield, and lance are truly knightly. Yes, lances are used by knights, grasped with both hands and couched while running at other mecha or some megafauna.

Sumpter-class mecha aren't really mecha. They are tracked or ground-effect transports and mobile workshops for knightly mecha as well as accommodation for a knight and his retinue.

The reactors of mecha are powered by the crystalline hearts and other organs of megafauna. The most powerful come from the most dangerous megafauna: dragons, boars, bears, and deer to name a few; consequently, not only is hazardous for peasants to hunt these, it is forbidden by law and custom to do so, leaving harvesting of these crucial power sources from domesticated beasts and those lesser megafauna deemed beneath knightly consideration.