23 February 2017

MTG and DnD speculations

Speculation time.

Shadows over Innistrad was released relatively close to the release of Curse of Strad. By the time Eldritch Moon comes out the second Plane Shift free supplement comes out with barely enough information to run DnD on Innistrad.

Kaladesh comes out around the time Maze Arcana starts. Maze Arcana is an ongoing WotC sponsored twitch/YouTube DnD series set on the world of Eberron using 5e rules. Both Kaladesh and Eberron have similar magic as technology themes.
I'm speculating that sometime during the release period there will some similar DnD thing that is Egyptian out.
Further speculation.

Based on the confirmed booster packaging from a leaked image of "possible" future sets, the set following Amonkhet, Atlazan which appears to be Mesoamerican AND merfolk themed, and on something I saw Chris Perkins talking about re: Maztica, leads me to believe that the following block will be Mesoamerican themed in part and that WotC will be doing SOMETHING involving Maztica by the end of this year.

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