27 February 2017

I wonder why some folks feel D&D isn't welcoming

Saturday my wife ran Pathfinder. It had been scheduled for last Saturday. It was scheduled for 12pm, got pushed to 1pm, but the people who were playing didn't show up until 6:30pm. Neither of the two hosts were playing in the game. My wife being focused on helping the completely new to RPGs player roll up her character didn't hear the several really shit-tier rape-rapier jokes. Then there was the "I'm going to rape your family" comment directed at a fleeing a goblin. Half the people involved in this shit-fest weren't even playing in the game.

On top of that, I had to endure alpha-nerding from the male half of the hosts. It's like cool that you have all these really old RPG games like Champions. And no I'm not going to Emerald City Comic Con. And no I'm not interested in helping you run pre-2000 games at ECCC. And the fuck do I have to deal with a dude that thinks I'm so young I didn't watch the original TMNT cartoon when it was running.

Anyways, I won't be gaming with this shitfest again. My wife is planning on giving them one more shot. Unfortunately, the other half of the hosts is her friend/coworker.

This is why I'm writing this instead of something cool about Knights & Kaiju or even Magic. I was exhausted by a day of bullshit.