16 February 2017

Mid-Week Thoughts: Magic: the Gathering

Midweek thoughts are random things that are stuck in my head that I'll vomit forth into the void whenever my brain is backed-up.

            This weekend was Aether Revolt Game Day, a Wizards of the Coast sponsored event at LGSs. I and my wife stopped playing Magic, her for various reasons, and me because I don't like the cost of keeping up with Standard, I snoozed on good cards that were released in Eldritch Moon and Shadows that shot up in price, and I couldn't play my other favorite archetype, ramp, due to good ramp cards rotating out.
            We played only to get the participation prize, full art promo Trophy Mage, for commander. Since I didn't actually care about making top8 and getting that promo as well, I took my really bad GR ramp deck that I used for last game day out for a spin. Ramp is terrible in this Standard. The decks that do the thing that ramp does, Aetherworks Marvel and Metalwork Colossus decks, do it better. However, when no one expects it, it's an ok deck that does powerful hard to deal with things. It's already a solid deck vs control decks as all I have to do it make my lands drops and naturally cast large eldrazi with on cast triggers that interfere with my opponent's ability to play, and control is only ok in this Standard. Against slow midrange decks, it's pretty much the same. My only bad matchups are aggro, like vehicles, and tempo-aggro, spirits, decks, which should be a difficulty, but also I play control and know how to pilot against aggro, and again didn't care too much about winning.
            Part of the reason I stopped playing is because I didn't like spending the money keeping up with the greater meta, as I said before, but it is also mentally taxing brewing and testing on top of that. I totally stopped playing RPGs or even thinking much about them since I had come back to Magic, which you can see from the total lack of anything on the blog. It is also mentally taxing to play, doubly so since I am an introvert and being around people is tiring. I was exhausted by the end of Sunday, having only played 4 rounds of magic each day. If I hadn't already had Monday's post typed up and queued, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep with my intended once a week updating on the second week.
            Even right now, I've been spending more time tuning my ramp deck and thinking about a possible brew for Standard instead of working on Monday's next Knights & Kaiju post, which consists of a few lines on setting and then some notes on how I'm stating-up mecha, which would make for a terrible post. Fact is, I am running out of steam. Of course, that might just be me just not sticking my notebook in front of me forcing me to at least constantly look at my words.  My decklists can be found here or here for Saturday or here for Sunday.

            But relating to mecha, I'm reading Aeon Entelechy Evangelion, an Neon Genesis Evangelion AU fanfic set during the Second Aeon War of CthulhuTech. I'm probably 40% through it, which is fitting since CTech is influence by NGE. Some parts of where I might take Knights & Kaiju are inspired by NGE, the possibility of mecha going berserk if a knight were to use kaiju muscle instead of fungal fibers, even if using them is more directly from what little of Aura Battler Dunbine instead of the use of a cybernetically enhanced genemoded monsters as a mecha like in NGE.