11 September 2015

RRT Miniatures Part the Two

This is more of a consolidation of in-progress photos of our RRT miniatures than anything else. I had a good head of steam, but that somehow led to me getting back to my poetry, which is actually more important than assembling and painting tiny robots at this point in time.

Any ways. All of my destroids are assembled, except for stumpy the spartan whose hand went AWOL, and most of the destroids are primed.

Damn it. This is why you call in UXO and don't pick it up.

 I also ended up putting the legs of one of my tomahawks on backwards.

I also got all of my VF-1 fighter modes assembled. As the standard squadron for RRT is 1 VF-1J with 3 VF-1A, I have two -1Js and six -1A, the ninth is a VF-1S.

This is the fucking bullshit I have to deal with assembling these miniatures.

Well tomorrow I plan on assembling most, if not all, of the VF-1 GERWALK modes. I'm not sure how I'm going to do the fighters flight stand wise. I don't much like the included stands.

05 September 2015

Robotech RPG Tactics Miniatures...

...are such a fucking pain in the ass to assemble.

The connections between sprue and parts are placed in dumb fucking places, and are occasionally thicker than the part itself.

They are also exhausting for me and my wife to assemble. But since I'm planning on running a f2f Macross campaign in the near future, it would be nice to make use of the minis I already own.