20 July 2015

Campaign Prep for Spears of the Dawn pt 2: Firearms

In the last decade Sokone artisans have discovered gunpowder and invented flintlock firearms. Ironically, they have not yet invented fireworks. Flintlocks are more common in Sokone, where cities may have artillery and militia armed with arquebuses or muskets, and pistols are more than curiosities carried by the wealthy or adventurous Spears. In other kingdoms arquebuses are more often toys used by the wealthy to hunt game, and pistols carried by the much more adventurous Spears.

Name        Damage    Slaughter    Range Capacity Price
Pistol        1d8           1d6             15/45        1        40 si
Arquebus  1d10          1d8             50/200      1        60 si
Musket     1d12          1d8             75/300      1        80 si

20 rounds of shot and powder cost 3 si and are one item for encumbrance.

Flintlocks hit unarmored AC within average range, and suffer a -4 penalty beyond average range.
All firearms require two hands to reload.
A pistol can be fired once per round, provided that the character doesn't move during that round.
An arquebus can fired once every other round, provided that the character doesn't move during that round.
A musket can fired once every three rounds, provided that the character doesn't move during that round.
Every movement made adds one more round to the reload time, and it requires both hands to be free to reload.
Muskets require a resting fork or suffer an additional -2 penalty.
Arquebuses and Muskets require two hands to fire.
Arquebuses can be fired one handed suffering a -2 penalty.
Firearms are piercing weapons, and as such the Eternal take minimum damage from them in addition to ignore the results of slaughter dice. The Eternal still ignore slaughter die even if a warrior with the charmed steel idahun is the wielder of the firearm.
Firearms with rifling can be purchased at double price, reducing the range penalty to normal, but also doubling reload time.
A pistol counts as one object for encumbrance. An arquebus counts as two objects for encumbrance, and a musket counts as three.
Firearms are so far the only weapons that can be purchased that use the slaughter die mechanic from Silent Legions.