08 June 2015

The Fortresses Maximus of Shardheim

     On the boundary between Old Shardheim and Older Shardheim stand massive stone and metal keeps made in the likenesses of knights sans head. At one time ages ago they appear to have marked the gates inside the wall that used to be the border of Sharheim.

I'm a poet not a cartographer
     Of course these 1,500 foot tall keeps are more than meets the eye.
To be fair, where did you think this was going?

     Legends and rumors persist all over Shardheim, especially in the slums around the Fortresses, that should someone find one of the heads they would gain control of its colossal bulk.
...when both partners are across the moat, run over and hit the gong...

    Naturally, if this were true, Shardheim itself is large enough to have plenty of place to hide even a head large enough to dwarf the Storeroom of the Bank of Shardheim. Equally true would be the the death-toll of animating even one of these Fortresses. Hundreds of people squat inside them and hundreds more beneath and around them, in addition to the walls and housing braced against them.

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