23 June 2015

Gaming with the in-laws

Monday night was our weekly "playing D&D/family dinner." My wife and I are in our 30's, which means we are about as old as Mentzer D&D, and our parents are old enough to have played D&D when it came out, not hers did, and I am fairly certain mine didn't either despite my introduction to D&D being by way of the Holmes' basic, B1 In Search of the Unknown (AWOL), and the AD&D DMG (none pictured). My wife started with Pathfinder, which is how we met. So, these sessions have been partly teaching her parents how to play D&D, hence the Moldvay, which is something of my favorite version of D&D.

Not Pictured AD&D DMG, Hackmaster 4e PHB
 Highlights from the session start with the pre-dungeon shopping. This time I pulled both copies of the AD&D PHB for the in-laws, and just handed my wife the Hackmaster. First my mother-in-law asked if she could buy a trained hawk, ok the wizard wants a hawk sure. Then my wife, playing a dwarf specialist/thief, asks if she could have a trained weasel for 75gp, not sure why or what she is going to do with it. Finally my father-in-law asks if could buy a two-handed sword, after pointing out he can't use his shield, he decides to get it, and some hand-axes, and is basically prepared for his big sword to break at some point. He isn't worried about getting hit, often, as he wearing the re-purposed armor from the first, and only, emerald automaton they have encountered in the Emerald Spire.

After evaluating the dungeon level they previously fled from, and deciding to go the other way having very little idea how to defeat the collapsing floor traps, their bridges being removed from last week. They safely reach a room filled floor to ceiling with webs and cocoons and egg sacs and thousands of tiny tiny spiders. First Rho's cohort, the mighty Frying-Pan, hurls a torch but fails to ignite the webs, the Bag-boy, Iceman's hireling, is ordered to walk in and set the webs ablaze. He is successful at doing so, so successful he himself is ignited, and dies. Finally, Hammertime, the thief, shoves the burning corpse further into the webs with her 10' pole, of the 4 or so they have, igniting the webs further as well as her pole. At this point they all decide to close and lock the door.

They then discover the first trap of the session, their old friend the trapdoor pit w/ spikes (and hidden spider). They overcame this trap by tying off Hammertime, and tossing her....part way across the trap upon which she rolls a nat20 save vs the trap and parkours over the collapsing trap. She was going to get a +1 for everyone who made a successful open doors roll, which was rendered moot. They secure the rope, and discover the very poorly hidden secret door.

There layeth Bag-boy, may he burn the spiders. And it is also dwarf tossing time...

...And they enter the decayed throne room of Gorloth the Bone Priest, servent of the Mighty Machine Mage Klarkosh (who is hiding behind the tapestry). After a very small amount of banter, and no parleying, Iceman charges the notGorloth. It was a long and tense battle. Four rounds of the party, except for Hammertime, standing around after failing their saves versus Gorloth's Gaze of Madness, lose all actions for 1d4 rounds. Iceman was pretty much impossible to hit, with his 18 AC, however Frying-Pan, who was not wearing armor, was cut down by Gorloth's mighty sword. While Hammertime tried backstabbing skeletons with her axe. Rho used her scroll of FIREBALL, destroying the other two skeletons and badly hurting Gorloth. Gorloth Commanded Rho to cast her most powerful spell at Iceman, MAGIC MISSILE. Yet the party was eventually victorious. Iceman got a big new sword, that functionally identical to his other great sword, but trophies you know. The FIREBALL melted and destroyed the meager amount of treasure, every item, even the magical belt, failed their saves.

Not pictured, Gorloth the Sneaky
Having defeated Gorloth, the party discovers, the hard way, the ghostly arms of a trap on a portcullis they don't need to go through. After attempting to use holy water to disarm the trap, which did not work. Yes they had holy water. No they didn't use it on the skeletons or Gorloth. They later discovered one of the most bullshit traps ever. But it was ok, they bypassed the hazard, and are using the trapped room to rest in.

The current basis of this game is Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the AC starting at 12 for unarmored and using the d6 roll under for skills and adventuring activities, but I'm using the gold standard, equipment and spells from B/X and AD&D. And I am obviously running it in a converted version of the Emerald Spire for Pathfinder. We're using a combination of Reaper and Super Dungeon Explore minis, with the Pathfinder Pawns and Pathfinder Paper Miniatures.

Gorloth, the Bone Priest
AC 16 (As chainmail)
Hit Dice 3 or 6
Move as unarmored human
Attack +3 two-handed sword 1d10
Bone priests inflict a form of confusing madness with a gaze attack. Failure causes all affected to lose 1d4 rounds of actions.
Bone priests can cast two first level cleric spells.
Saves as cleric 3
Can be turned as if were a wight.
If you use the 6 hit die version, bone priests take double damage from bludgeoning weapons.

Bone priests are the moldering insane animated corpses of fallen clerics.

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