15 June 2015

Dumb Robotech/After the Bomb/Pendragon idea.

This idea would probably still work out better as Pendragon with BRP Mecha and TMNT/AtB bolted on top, than with OVA, because it really is intended to be weird pseudo-Arthurian mecha anime knights fighting monsters and being knights. I'm dredging this up because it's an interesting idea, and it also reminds me how much I just want to run/play games that have robots and mutants.

Taken from this g+ thread https://plus.google.com/111307664713101998811/posts/VbGiQ37SjeS

So like what if the SDF-1 or 3 crashed somewhere earthlike and like it was just after or before or the cause of a nuclear war. And then like invid flower of life and/or protoculture mutated because this is the 90s still and we are going to ignore radiation poison. Well what if all these protoculture powered mecha became the crunchy outershell of now living protoculture power supply. And I guess everyone is now mutant animals too.
For reasons unknown they decide to make a new society based on King Arthur stories so now it's mutants in avalon with mutant mecha instead of horses.
My wife was instantly terrified of the idea of mutant living mecha.

What if the mecha and by that I mean the protoculture power supply bonded with the original pilot, and only the pilots close relatives and descendants can operate it. This seems like a weird way that the survivors would use as a basis of feudalism and nobility. 

I also had a thought, if one were inclined to use Robotech: the Sentinels, that a portion of the zentradi enbiggened themselves and left with their big ass mecha. Then there would be a possibly or occasionally hostile kingdom of giant mutant animals. This could lead to things like "you must go to the giant kingdom and deliver this invitation to my grand tournament, " while avoiding members of the anti-micronian faction. 
Still bouncing around in my head how or if I want to include magic or psychic powers.
But since there is the Minmei I feel compelled to include the power of music. Maybe I'll have the Minmei be the head of a (the?) religious organization.
Based on the crew and mecha complement of the SDF-3 there would be a maximum of 2,830 noble families, of which there would up to 1,038 families descended from micronized zentradi.

The giant kingdom could have a maximum of 192 noble families, which makes them nowhere near as large as the Kingdom of Nova Avalon. So either they are of in territory the micronians don't want and exist as something of a bandit kingdom, they are at tense peace swearing fealty to the High King, or the Minmei, or they have something else backing them. Or they simply have a population that can engage the micronian knights without the need of mecha, in other words they actually have infantry that's worth a damn.

Becauase that is the number of VF-1's onboard, or combined mecha.

I'm also thinking the world is filled with bizzaro megafauna, which necessitates the existence of the knighthood.  

I'm still thinking about how or if I want to include faeries.
I do think I want to include some of the stuff from Rifts Sourcebook One like the warrior women.

The idea of mutant animal veritech pilots just hits some weird chord with me. 
In contrast to my first Robotech/Pendragon mashup which had no ranged weapons, cleaving closer to Pendragon, I am definitely leaning towards ranged weapons. How else are the Knights supposed to protect their vassals and serfs from dragons and hunt megafauna if not with beams rather than blades. But supposing I do this at a time long after the facilities and knowledge to make missiles is gone, I guess it's energy weapons and mecha sized crossbows. Mecha sized swords, spears, axes, and shields being saved for combat between knights.