18 June 2015

Cleaning out my drafts part two

I don't even know why this starts with "Third," and I still have no idea how exactly to flesh this idea out. I might pillage The Dungeon Dozen for some ideas.

Third, a table to roll on after a random encounter, or not so random encounter. Yes it's a random encounter random encounter table. First, I would recommend you check for another random encounter right after. Second, roll on the table of "A FUCKING HERMIT JUMPS OUT OF THE BUSHES AND SAYS..." to see what kind of hermit, the situation you run into the hermit, and what the hermit actually fucking says. This is in the vein of those fucking hermits in The Quest of the Holy Grail popping out to tell certain knights, like Gawain and Lancelot, how they just fucked up being a knight, or other knights, like Galahad, how fucking perfect they are. Why would I do this? What kind of game is this for? Random hermits popping up and distributing information should be a staple of heroic, or murderhoboic, fiction. This just makes it even weirder because unlike the author of The Quest, there is no actual didacticism at play, although it would be cool if the players, or at least their characters thought or acted as though these random hermits weren't random and had real meaning.

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