08 October 2014

Miscellaneous thoughts

While some people are saying D&D isn't an RPG, I'll smacking be gods around with other gods and sailing away in my sweet spelljamming ship made from the skull of a dead god with my crew of merry and loyal skeleton privateers while I stride about looking like an anthropomorphized Iron Throne wearing a pirate hat.

In two months I'll be playing a magitek robot sniper killing the undead.

I still haven't started running my no longer mythic Emerald Spire dungeon crawl campaign in Pathfinder for my Pathfinder group. Partially due what I think is the group GM being tired of getting burned by the last two people he let run Pathfinder. It is now 2 months after I said I would be ready to run, and that was because I was converting things to mythic and running straight from the book. I have been asked since to not run it mythic, but that I still have run it Pathfinder, which despite me not enjoying the running of PF is because "I know you know the rules very well." This is true, and I actually know PF rules better our GM. It's very frustrating to be able to run the game you want with the rules you want because one of the prior GMs thought it would be a good idea to homebrew someone else's homebrew class when he had ZERO experience with D&D and wanted to run GURPS. The other guy is the guy who vetoed me and my wife's romantic suptext between a dwarf and an elf and gave us insulting ways to make it plausible to him that made it clear he had no idea why we were doing it, without telling us the specifics of his precious version of the Forgotten Realms.

I find myself wanting to return to running my game, which needs to be restarted because my group for it collapsed. But I now finally figured out why the whole attack throw vs THAC0 or Attack Bonus is used in garbage game I won't play or talk about anymore and how it actually works at the tabletop.

I recently picked up the shiny new hardcover LotFP Rules and Magic book. I like it. Nice art. Nice paper quality. Nice binding that doesn't feel like the full color plates are going escape. The compilation of tables on the end papers is great.

Last night bought the Rifts Conversion Guide and Rifts: Dimension Book One: Wormwood. I may not ever want to run Rifts using the Palladium Megaversal system, but damn did Wormwood give me some idea. I now want to run a Robotech/Macross lost in space campaign that visits Wormwood for an extended period of time.

I've been thinking about what system(s) I should use to actually run said Robotech game. I already have BRP Mecha and several important mecha stated up. I could try using actual Palladium rules as I have both the original rules and more recent Shadow Chronicles rules. I've also thought about using Stars Without Number since it does have mecha rules. Or using d20 Future or the d20 Mecha rules in d20 BESM, OR DragonMech. I've even got some notes on how to kludge Traveller and BattleTech together. In case you can't tell, I really really really want to run/play a game with GIANT STOMPY ROBOTS with or without magic or psionics.

I also asked my PF group about me running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with pregens. I got some vague interest from my group, but not really enough for me to want to actually want to make level 8-9 pregens in PF. I might just be lazy and use NPCs from the NPC Codex with PC level loot.

I'm also really really really considering just giving up trying to run for my group and try out this google plus hangout shit. Even when I was running a retro-clone no one in that group wanted to tryout the cool shit I made specifically because FUCKING MUTANT ROBOTS and CUTE LITTLE MOOGLES WITH POMPOMS AND MUSKETS.

I totally gave up my "Real World Weapons" series because well who really gives a fuck about how some people think some other people fought centuries ago, especially if there is no gameable stuff being vomited out.

And I just looked at some of the tags I've used and rememberd that I will never get around making Gurrenvangelion: Dance Dance Revelations: The Musical: The RPG, the game about being teen popstars that defend cities from space mimes using music and dance in giant mecha.

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