13 October 2014

AAR: My wife's skeleton becomes a mad wizard's apprentice?

Last night.

Spoilers for The Tower of the Stargazer are below

Wait lets back this up to SakuraCon earlier this year. My wife and I were killing some time in the table-top gaming room, which every empty. We were testing out Kevin Crawford's Scarlet Heroes, my then rough design for a skeleton class, some armor as damage reduction rules, and using the rough engine of Jame's Raggi's Grindhouse edition of Lamentations of the Flame Princess (newest version). I ended up running a pick of game of LotFP for my wife and two random people who walked in. I ran them through The Tower of the Stargazer, in which not only did they successfully solve the puzzle to get the treasure, only one person died to the overly elaborate trap.

Fast forward to today...last night. We decided that the other survivor was able to leave with his share of the treasure, leaving my wife's skeleton, named Skeleton, to its own devices. Since I am frustrated from running anything that isn't Pathfinder with out group, we decided to return to the Tower so my wife can figure out how to get her share of the treasure someplace safe so she can get the experience for the treasure. We're talking about 353 items worth of coinage in LotFP terms, plus the 5 chests, so 363 items worth of treasure.

She is able to, barely, buy a pair of horses and tack, and procure some clothes to better conceal the skeletonness of the skeleton, by claiming to be the victim of some vaguely defined sickness. After about 2 weeks in game time, most of which spent traveling back to the tower, I decided that her being skeleton would deter most wandering monsters and didn't bother rolling for random encounters, she is figuring out how much of her loot she can actually bring with her to a city less likely to smite her on sight. She begins making plans to construct some kind of cart form the ruined beds in the tower. Bear in mind this entire time the wizard is screaming and yelling and threatening to destroy her and to let him out. Then she does something stupidly brillant. She asks the wizard if she can be his apprentice. I decide, "well fuck it. let's see what the dice say." Reaction roll of 12 modified to 11. Well I always believe that if you don't go by what the dice when you roll you them then why even bother...So he agreed to take her on as his apprentice... She breaks the circle, and catches a magic missile to the chest...rib cage... The up side is he did teach her one spell, and also a way to repair damage done, since skeletons don't heal naturally being dead and all. My small bit of vengenace is that I cracked open Dungeon Crawl Classic and randomly gave her a spell, flaming hands, at the cost of a proficiency, since she will be converting over to the modified rules I prefer to use. Although when just bullshitting, I tend to use which ever version of D&D is close at hand for the rules. I do prefer the LotFP Rules and Magic book simply because of size, to the DCC books.

She also asked what color are the flames in her eye sockets, which meant I had to make her roll. So I think to myself that I need something weird, really weird. Maybe Carcossa has something I could use. Well there are 13 colors of men. I tell her to roll a d14. The first number is a 14, so I tell her to roll again, she gets an eleven meaning ulfire colored eyes. Then she goes, well don't most tables have a result that make you roll again twice. I grumble at her to roll again. Her skeleton has one orange flame, and one ulfire flame, for eyes.  As an aside I tell her that she can see inside her skull being a skeleton and all, and that she can see the crazy formula for FLAMING HANDS inscribed there since she has no brain.

We ended with her pondering whether the wizard is just senile or evil, and whether to leave now with as much of the treasure as possible, hoping he doesn't track her down or not. If she decides to flee, she will flee to Shardheim, since it's a city rumored to not give that much a of shit about weird people. But since the tower is, for now, a safe place I gave her the experience for the treasure, 2k plus, and experience for "defeating" the wizard, capping it at 1.5k, so her skeleton is now 2nd level.

Something gamable that occurred to me relating to this. In DCC dual wielding is accomplished by rolling the main hand and off hand attack rolls with dice so many steps smaller than their original die, usually a d20, based on the agility or dexterity of the character. This made me think about dual wielding spells, or wielding a spell in one hand and weapon in the other like a Pathfinder magus, and the die being rolled being modified in a similar manner.
Another idea that I had was giving characters the option of using their profiency slots, to learn DCC spells, spellcasters and non-casters alike. It seems like a cool idea.

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