22 September 2014

Interesting Locations: Shardheim: The Bank of Shardheim

In Shardheim there exists, out of countless oddities, two linked ones; the Bank of Shardheim and its founder, majority stockholder, and CEFO, a being known generally as the Dragon Banker. Foreigners scoff at the idea a dragon living in a city let along engaging in any kind of economic exchange period. Even the dragons and dragon-kiths in the Dragonlands, land of dragons, find it anywhere from hard to believe to a disgusting moral perversion.

The Bank itself is housed in a Gleaming Skull, a massive skull that appears to be clad in gold floating over Shardheim. Anywhere else it, and its thousand foot long tether the less golden and much more sooty and tarnished, Spine, would tower over the countryside, but this is Shardheim, city of a million fucking huge towers, so it is merely among the tallest buildings.

The Skull proper houses the main offices, the main vault, and the Banker's personal residence and hoard. The Spine is home to various branches of the Bank, subsidiary offices, and related businesses that rent space from the Bank. This is the place to go to store wealth, exchange currency, make sure the loanshark doesn't bust your knees, take out of a home loan, and gamble on the stock market.

The staff is primarily made up of kobolds and moogles, with a lesser number of dwarves and humans, and almost no elves or orcs.