06 April 2014

Random versus Fixed Hit-points

Last night I and my wife played the first session of a brand new Pathfinder story arc with our primary group. It's a high level game as we all started at level 10. She's playing a kobold cavalier riding a velociraptor, and I am playing a damphir knight of the sepulchre antipaladin.

But what we and the rest of the part are actually playing isn't precisely pertinent to this post.

The GM for Pathfinder has this extremely weird idea giving everything fixed hitpoints, more specifically fixed maxed hp. He claims it makes things easier to balance, and makes encounter construction faster, which I guess it does because MAX HP. But there an obvious side-effect to this. combat encounters take a long time, primarily because of how long it takes to whittle down anything, especially since he makes nearly every encounter a serious encounter.

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