31 March 2014

This is what I get for going to the store

 Yesterday we went to a FLGS so my wife could get three more sets of dice to make easier for her roll all FIVE of her kobold cavalier's raptor mount's attacks and her character's attacks at once, and so I could get some different d6s for my dhampire antipalidin's corrupting touch and channel negative energy.  As you can see from the pictures, we got more than dice. Since my home group wants to play a Star Trek game, I decided to finally buy these battered source books for GURPS Prime Directive because the basis will be primarily TOS with a little bit of the Reboot and TAS. I got the Battletech Intro Box Set because I wanted to see how good their plastic minis are, and to have a better chance of actually trying out Battletech.

The plastic Atlas and Hunchback with a pewter classic Battletech Hunchback IIc, and Battleforce Atlas and Hunchback for comparison.

Now for a slight rant about Palladium Books Robotech RPG Tactics game.
So I’m going to go out on a limb and just assume that I am never going to get my Robotech minis, and just move one with my life, buy a large number of 1/400 scale Gundams, wait for IWM to put their Battletech LAMs on retail, and work on my Macross/CthulhuTech mashup using MRQII, CoC, and BRP Mecha. Also I think I will never buy a Palladium book new again. See what I want are miniatures with rules to play a wargame, not multipart 1/285 scale models with rules to play a wargame, especially since I have 114 figures coming to me sometime before the sun burns out. I mean if Catalyst and IWM can make cheap plastic minis that still look fairly detailed, I will be all over that. Hell if it turns out me and the wife, and the rest of the homegroup, likes how the Battletech boardgame runs, I might use MechWarrior and Battletech to run mecha games. But even if that doesn't happen I am now 26 miniatures richer, and 'Mechs are visually distintive amongst themselves and from 1/400 Gundams, so I can have visually distinctive "good" and "bad" guy mecha.