31 March 2014

In a D&D where armor reduces damage...

My homegame has armor class reducing damage, well rather the armor class of armor is halved and that is how much damage is reduced. It also does not have strength or dexterity bonuses adding to attack rolls.

So, in a game where armor reduces damage, and presumably higher level monsters get more armor, to a point, and increasing hitpoints, but the only attribute that has any direct bearing on combat is constitution, by adding to hitpoints, does it make sense for the ability of characters to HIT their targets to improve?

Or should I take a page from JRPGs and have attacks almost always hit with the capability to inflict and withstand damage improve with level (maybe equipment)?

Or should I abandon increasing hitpoints (which I don't want to do on account of it it spoils some of the compatibility with D&D games and veers into BRP/Pendragon territory)?

Or should I add improving class based defense values like d20 Star Wars and Iron Heroes? The down side to that is I would feel compelled to use THAC0, BAB, or the old attack matrices?

Or should I do something like splice in a simplified Rolemaster on top of my game? So that a single roll would essentially determine how well an attack hits. Single roll versus double roll (hit and then damage) system.

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