02 March 2014

AAR of that horrible blog hop.

That will be the last time I ever participate in one of those. Due in part to the relatively small part that D&D was actually a factor in my childhood, and several things of a personal nature, I neither had much to talk about, nor was inclined to  expand and fluff out my meager offerings.

In other news:

d20 Star Wars is nuts and deadly.
My home group wants to play TOS Star Trek, and I've got scans of FASA Trek. I'll probably do a BRP hack of it.
A month from now I'll be engaged in a high level expedition through the Underdark in search of a spelljamming vessel.
I almost bought Mutants of Avalon, but my spouse helped to dissuade me from it, although on one level it would be potentially fun to run anthropomorphic mutant animals in Pendragon.
I'm looking forward to having Scarlet Heroes and World of Calidar, so I can have stuff to run solo air-pirate games for my spouse.
I STILL want to run a Robotech inspired BRP Mecha game.