16 February 2014

Tenebraeist Class

Prime Requisite: INT
Requirements: None
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 14
Saves, fights, and proficiencies: As Mage
A tenebraeist is human who has made a pact with dark and mysterious forces. Tenebraeists cannot be Cosmically aligned as the ultimate sources of their power is not from the gods of the lands, not even a god of shadow or darkness would grant these powers, and while they start may out as Weirdic, most are or will become Voidically aligned.
Despite in many ways being superficially similar to a mage or other spell-casters, the forces that they wield, called Occult Secrets, become less and less like spells as the Tenebraeist's link with their shadowy masters increases.
This is almost identical to the Shadowcaster from WotC's Tome of Magic. The only differences are the lowered level cap, and most of the other class abilities will become proficiencies: Sustaining Shadows will now be three proficiencies, Umbral Sight becomes three allowing 30', 60' and 90' infravision.
At 9th level a Tenebraiest that sets up sanctum will attract a number and kind of apprentices similar to a Mage.

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