04 February 2014

ConTessa and White Dudes in D&D

I had originally planned on keeping social justice shit out of my gaming blog because of the strongly held views of certain prominent OSR bloggers, that pretty much get pissed at the very whiff of "social justice warriors" because whatever their fucking reasons.  The most recent thing over ConTessa doing rather poorly in it's second year with several people crying about reverse discrimination, and being treated like second class citizens because they are men. Like the thread Erik Tenkar started here and on his blog. But fuck it.
Now I have my own reasons for not participating in ConTessa. The lack of the time or the desire to actually game over a hangout. Same with my wife.
So I know that I'm no one to listen too, and that I will end up drawing the kind of attention I do not want, but I'm just a little tired of the childishness.
I'm going to get really unpopular for this, but, to some people who face harassment on a constant basis,  and are taking the only precaution they see available, the on air whatsit, statements like "I just want to let my hair down and not worry about being recorded" tells them that you want the freedom to be say shit around people that may not merely offended, because fuck shit like that, but will be deeply hurt by some of the shit some people like to hurl around in casual conversation and being able kick the offending assrabbit out of the hangout when the only other option is leave the hangout, which if you have agreed to be the GM is a shitty option to force upon that person.
Do I care about hurting people's feelings with harsh language? Not particularly. As we say in the military, "I'm fucking sorry if my fucking language fucking offended you. I'm fucking trying to not fucking swear so fucking much." It's the language of my people.
But I've run into my fair share of shit-twinkies that as soon as they feel comfortable unloading the rape jokes, and kitchen jokes, and racist jokes. And some of them will do at the drop of a hat if they think they can get away with it.
So to me, as a man, I think it's just a tiny bit shitty that a whole bunch of other men are getting upset over "reverse discrimination" and not being allowed to talk the way they want in a singular Con that is explicitly about letting a bunch of women have the spot where they can comfortably participate in the heavily man centered hobby of roleplaying games.
I'm pretty sure that if anyone of y'all set up your own online Con you would have no problems drawing a crowd. But instead you are acting like children getting upset over the one time someone else wants to the spot light. Some of you are getting offended at the prospect of having to interact with people on terms they are dictating because the widespread hyper-misogyny on the internet.

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