28 February 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challange: All 28 days compiled

 First Person who introduced you to D&D. Which edition? Your first character?

This is actually kind of complicated. Because my memory is very mushy around that time.

I think it was my cousin with this or something similar:
 Incidentally this is my wife's.

 Also, I never played this.

So maybe it was my brother who found my mother's 1st edition AD&D DMG and the Blue Holmes book.

My first character was a half-elf cleric or some nonsense, maybe a plain elf.
First person you introduced to D&D. Which edition? Their first character?

Shit that was my friend in middle school, some time around 95-96. It was the Blue Holmes and 1e DMG, but I cannon remember for the life of me what his character was. Human fighter or some nonsense like that.
First dungeon you explored as a player-character or as a DM.

B1 In Search of the Unknown in all it's glory. I don't think either I or any one I ran through it ever finished it.
First dragon your character slew (or some other powerful monster).

Sadly, I have never had a character kill a dragon.
The most memorable fight I've had is a fight between my paladin Sir Firavel and a graveknight. It ended with Firavel dying from a greatsword through the chest and holding the smoking head of the no-longer undead graveknight in his hands, because he ripped it off.

First character to go from 1st level to the highest possible level in a given edition. (Or what's highest level character you've ever ran?)

I guess that would be Sir Lord Yames, the Brazen, first Saint of the Lord of Shadows, my cavalier/paladin. The highest level character sheet I have for him is level 13, but he spent all of levels 9 to 13 in the empty afterlife of his god, until he popped back to the prime to help slay a potential usurper and allow his god to be reborn, dying in the process (again).
First character death. How did you handle it.

I think it was actually a 1st level sorcerer in a solo game run by wife. First combat encounter of the game and a hobgoblin killed him by surprise. I was incredulous and reacted with huge amounts of "WTF???" because it was a very WTF moment, but also a "whatever" moment because it was a first level character.
This was also maybe a year ago. Considering how long I've been on again off again gaming, it's kind of weird.
First D&D product you ever bought. Do you still have it?

This is one of the first, and I think the first D&D product I bought.

And yes I still have it.

First set of polyhedral dice you owned. Do you still use them?

Well this is the first SET of dice I ever owned.

But these are the first dice I ever owned. Which I used as life counters for Magic:the Gathering.

And these are the OLDEST set of dice I own, from the RuneQuest Second Edition boxset.

First campaign setting (published or homebrew) you played in.

It was some homebrew setting, very generic D&D, back when 3rd came out, like October or November. Sadly, that campaign didn't last long so I never really learned anything about that setting.
First gaming magazine you ever bought.

I guess for purposes of RPGs that would be InQuest, but I don't remember if I bought it or my brother did.
But the first would actually be The Duelist.
 First splatbook you begged your DM to approve.

I have never had to even ask a DM to approve a splat book. Either I was given carte blanche, or the DM was sharing all of his splats.
First store were you bought your gaming supplies. Does it still exist?

I was about to say yes, but then I remembered I used by Magic cards from this shop called Dragon's Den or something stupid like that, which is long long out of business.
First miniature(s) you used for D&D.

That was some Orc Shaman from Reaper that I special ordered for my first official character of 3rd edition, Bamboosh, the half-orc sorcerer. He tied with the half-orc bard for having the highest charisma in the party.

Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D? Do they still play?

Actually yes I did. I also was the one who really introduced her and her friends to D&D by way of Pathfinder. We've been married for a little over a year. Not only does she still play, but there is a game that I only go to because she wants me to game with that group (I became the SO gamer), she also plays in the game I GM, and GMs an evil Pathfinder campaign I play in.
What was the first edition of D&D you didn't enjoy? Why?

Well as I haven't played 4e or 5e, I can't honestly comment on them, even 4e really non-plussed me with the thin hardbacks with slick graphics and higher prices than I was, and still am, not willing to pay.

Honestly the 3rd/3.5/Pathfinder edition of D&D is my least liked one. Character generation takes a long time, even though I have a high degree of system understanding, so it makes the death of your character much more inconvenient. I also dislike all the tiny +1 and +2 bonuses that have to be tracked temporarily and checked to see if they stack or don't. Or the feat taxes to do anything related to combat maneuvers, with the attendant implication that without the pertinent feats the player will not generally think to use that maneuver, or will suck hard core at it, making single attacks while moving or staying static and full attacking the norm of combat. It's got a lot of good things in, but with the amount of effort I would have to expend to pare out what I don't like I could spend it running a different version of D&D is already 95% what I want.
Do you remember your first Edition War? Did you win?

I don't edition war.

I do argue with certain people with a predilection towards subverting or denying player agency, but that is pretty cross-edition and cross-system.
First time you heard that D&D was somehow evil.



In a book railing against all of children's entertainment and toys as tools of evil: Turmoil in the Toybox. The author also claimed the Carebears are also evil. I remember using the bible references to research the meaning of evil as it applied to D&D and witchcraft.
First gaming convention you ever attended.


I don't.

I did some gaming at Steamcon III or IV.
First gamer who just annoyed the hell out of you.

This asshole named Micheal. He was playing a druid, but yet not only had the gall to ask for extra gold from our patron had the gall to lie to the party about it. Had the GM not intervened my character would have killed him, and I would have stopped gaming with that group period. He still doesn't get it. Sadly he's GMing (badly) a game I don't really want to be in, and am only there to help my wife break his houserules.

Don't houserule games you aren't familiar with, and aren't familiar with your own houserules.
First non-D&D RPG you played.

That would be Mage: the Ascension. That game didn't really last long for some reason, which fine with me because I was plotting to murder one of the other PCs.
First time you sold some of your D&D books-for whatever reason.

The first time I sold off books, was also the last time. It was 2007 to make room in my parents' garage because I had to store my stuff there because I had no idea how much space I was going to have at my first duty station. My 2e books, all of my WoD, except my Changeling:the Dreaming 1st edition, Amber, Everway and some random 3rd party d20 books.
First D&D novel you ever read.

Elminster: the Making of a Mage. I have only read one other D&D book and it was a collection of Dragonlance short stories. I don't really care for fantasy derived from a game that is derived from fantasy.
First song that comes to mind that you associate with D&D. Why?

I don't?

On the flipside of that, Led Zeppelin songs make me think of D&D because some of the songs reference LotR?

I dunno man. Like why do people always got to associate shit with music?
First move that comes to mind that you associate with D&D. Why?


Monty Python....no....Lord of the Rings....maybe..... I got it! Your Highness
Longest running campaign/gaming group you've been in.

The one I am currently playing in. It is both the longest I've been able to game regularly, and the long sequence of connected campaigns that evidently has been going for a while. Which is cool I guess. I mean one of my characters is a saint and right hand man to a god, who was another PC.
If you had do it all over again, would you do anything different when you first started gaming?


Well I would have put more effort into playing D&D back in middle school, and in high school, and when I was Active Duty. I also wouldn't have sold off my copy of Everway or Amber, or most of my WoD books.

What is the single most important lesson you've learned form playing D&D?

That people will always find something stupid to argue about, and use to bolster their fragile egos against the crushing realization that the universe doesn't even know you exist, and if it did it would not care.

16 February 2014

Tenebraeist Class

Prime Requisite: INT
Requirements: None
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 14
Saves, fights, and proficiencies: As Mage
A tenebraeist is human who has made a pact with dark and mysterious forces. Tenebraeists cannot be Cosmically aligned as the ultimate sources of their power is not from the gods of the lands, not even a god of shadow or darkness would grant these powers, and while they start may out as Weirdic, most are or will become Voidically aligned.
Despite in many ways being superficially similar to a mage or other spell-casters, the forces that they wield, called Occult Secrets, become less and less like spells as the Tenebraeist's link with their shadowy masters increases.
This is almost identical to the Shadowcaster from WotC's Tome of Magic. The only differences are the lowered level cap, and most of the other class abilities will become proficiencies: Sustaining Shadows will now be three proficiencies, Umbral Sight becomes three allowing 30', 60' and 90' infravision.
At 9th level a Tenebraiest that sets up sanctum will attract a number and kind of apprentices similar to a Mage.

Heroic Skeleton

Inspired by this post on Necropraxis.

Skeleton Monster Class
Ability Score Requirements: None
Hit Die: d8
Saving Throws: As a fighter.
Armor: Any.
Weapons: Any.
Special Abilities: Base AC of 7(13), natural claw attack, skeleton immunities, being a skeleton.
Sometimes a heroic mortal dies someplace tainted with evil, but instead of rising up as a truly evil or mindless undead minion of the dungeon they rise up in full possession of their memories and will, but sans their flesh and any spell-casting ability. This is but one of the ways a heroic skeleton could come into being. Others include a botched resurrection or raise dead spell, or a once ordinary, but dead, mortal rising out of their grave.
Heroic skeletons are still skeletons. Upon death, while they may still possess some or all the memories of their life, they lose all previous class abilities, if any. They are instead skilled with all arms and armor, including shields; additionally they have a natural armor class of 7(13), and can attack with their claws in lieu of attacking with a weapon, dealing 1d6 in damage. When wearing armor they use the armor class of that armor.
As the walking dead they suffer a -2 to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of all living beings. Contrariwise they get a +2 when dealing with the undead.
They have the standard undead immunities such as the effects of gas, poison, charm, sleep, or hold spells of any sort. They also possess 60’ infravision. However, despite their actual alignment, for purposes of detect evil and protection from evil spells they are treated as evil/chaotic, and can be turned or controlled by clerics as if they were a undead based on their level, but the skeleton still gets a saving throw vs. spells to resist.
A heroic skeleton will reconstitute itself 10 minutes after being reduced to zero hit points provided it isn't ground to powder or burned to ash, however a random ability score will be reduced by one each time. If any score is reduced to zero the skeleton is finally laid to rest.
They are unable to be healed by magic cast by clerics of lawful alignment, but can by clerics of chaotic alignment. If more than a week is spent in a safe place with suitable materials, a skeleton will be able to recover lost hit points. Suitable materials include other bones and specially prepared glues and cements.
At 9th level a heroic skeleton will attract 3d6x10 skeletons upon the construction or claiming of a stronghold with a full graveyard. These skeletons will all be free willed, but extremely loyal to the heroic skeleton.

Heroic Skeleton Level Progression
Attack Bonus
Hit Dice
Damage Bonus
Skeleton Baron
Skeleton Knight
Skeleton Lord
Skeleton Marquis
Skeleton Duke
Skeleton Prince
Death Lord
Prince of Death