31 January 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics: Miniatures

In light of the most recent update on the status of RRT, which should never have had such a short target date in the first place, and also fell victim to its own sucess, I am now able to make some less tentative plans with regards to the minis I will be getting. Wave one will contain most of what I wanted, or at least enough of the VF-1s that I can use them as PC valks, and is supposed to be good by the end of June.

Assuming that late July is a good target to expect them, and allowing for both assembly and painting, and that autumn will be my final quarter at UWT, I'll be graduating with a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: Art, Media, and Culture, I am planning on starting a series of short arcs in the vein of the 6 episode OVA format of some anime that will roughly parallel the events of SDF Macross (and the first season of Robotech) but with the addition of parts CthulhuTech's background. I feel that unlike my usual hands-off approach of just presenting my players with some shit to do, that since my home group is as a whole anime fans that it would acceptable, and enjoyable, to have something of a rough plot-line sketched out.

Things I will have to consider are how strongly I want to hew to SDF's plotline, how strongly I want the players to play VF-1 pilots, and how to integrate different character types should I feel that having a variety of character types present without making anyone PC have too much spot-light (which I will probably do because it would probably less cool to make everyone play pilots).

I will be using Basic Roleplaying, with BRP Mecha (obviously), with background materials from CthulhuTech (and maybe some stuff converted), some things from Call of Cthulhu, possibly some things from Ringworld (because I got the books for it, and it's SF BRP). There is a possibility that I will heavily modify some random character gen tables from the most recent Palladium Robotech books to help speed up chargen.

Also, tomorrow marks the first day of the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge and is the first time I do one of these silly blogging memes.

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