04 January 2014

Hall of Bones AAR PT3

Parts 1 and 2 are here.

The 3rd and final leg of my first dungeon finished last night. The few fights that the party got into made the weapon damage tables unnecessary as skeletons don't feel pain or bleed.

They awoke  safely in the shrine of Muir the god of righteous ass kicking, and after some deliberation, mostly prompted by the elf's demand to get some real treasure, they continued on to where they last fought the spiders, noting the amount of wreckage they caused. I informed them that they would not get the experience for the spiders they burned to death without risking themselves to investigate the cavern. To which they deferred until later.
The elf being the bold one this time investigates the cage with the with the skeleton, already having been conditioned from their first attempt at playing Spears of the Dawn to extremely wary of bones. Fortunately for them, but not me, the elf gets a 20 on her auto spot hidden doors, which I rolled. So they easily found the tunnel under the spider cavern. They were further lucky by there being no rats in the rat warren, but I made them sweat when they started investigating the holes to discover the large rat droppings.
Sometimes I wonder I am doing enough to make my players sweat, but then they fixate on the weirdest things, like the glowing fungus in the fungus cavern. They wanted to harvest some of the fungus but were worried it was filled with some kind of contact poison.
They then make their way to the shriekers, and despite the cleric noting that I was making a rather big deal of places them in the cavern, the elf decides to approach the first shrieker, setting if off, ruining any chance they had of surprising the big bad in the next area. I started laughing. The evil DM laugh.
They walk right into an ambush of skeletons and giant skeleton with hammers. Long fight of them slowly trying to run away as they slowly whittle down the skeletons, the elf and fighter bother go down. Funny thing, the fight really isn't that interesting without having been there. But the elf dies. The fighter luckily wasn't. They killed the monster. Got their loot. Then spend something like half an hour figuring out how much crap they are carrying and can carry before making their slow way out of the dungeon. They also do a brief sweep of half of the spider cavern.

The best part of last night: getting across the pit trap they know is there but haven't triggered. How do they find it? They huck the elf's corpse down the hallway. They all climb down the pit. Then I ask them how they plan on getting to the other side of the 15 foot deep pit trap with none of them being skilled in climbing sheer surfaces, and with there being nothing on the other side to hook their grapple too.
Standing on shoulders? They vetoed it when I reminded them it is 15 feet deep.
Piton hand holds? Vetoed when I pointed out that while the pitons can hold the weight, that's only if they are driven deep enough that it would exceedingly dangerous to use as foot or hand holds.
Ten foot pole? No one has one....except for the corpse of the thief still at the bottom of the pit. I point out the pit is just slightly wider than 10 feet. What do they do? Lash their crowbar to the end of it. Why? So they can lash an arrow to the end of it. Why? Because they know that there is a switch on the far side that is deep in a hole in the wall that will deactivate the pit. That's right. They made a big ass improvised lockpick. Then they get attacked by rats, which the cleric quickly spatters with her magical hammer. After the 2 rounds of rat smashing, the turn off the trap and walk across it and safely make it back to the village.

The only other brilliant thing that happened is when they are talking with the head priest of the local temple to resurrect the "elf filth."
Little did I know that the cleric had an INT of 5.
She was being really oblivious to the priest raising the elf before sending them on a quest to cover the cost of the resurrection. The head priest says, "you can't be that stupid."
My wife OOC looking at the cleric's sheet: well actually...
Cleric's player ooc: my int if 5.

I was totally dumbfounded because yes the cleric is that stupid. It was masterful.

Next week we go back to the evil Pathfinder goblin campaign so my wife can GM and I play. After that it depends on everyone's schedules because college starts up Monday for 3 of us.