21 January 2014

Gurrenvagelion Scrapings Compilation Album

This is a bunch of shit scraped from my tumblr about my ideas for a really stupid anime campaign. The purpose of this is mainly gather all the stupid in one spot so I can look at it all at once. A secondary purpose is so the blogger and G+ RPG communities and see my shitty ideas and talk about them.

I actually envision this being most suited to the weird episodic nature of some long running animes.

In Gurrenvangelion, the team defends Portland-5 from Space Juggalos that inexplicably invade once a week to assault it with shitty music. The only way to fight back is with giant song and dance pop star mecha piloted by teenage pop star pilots.
Season two gets weirder. 

Season 2 also known as Attack on Gurrenvangelion:the Safety Dance Has Been Canceled:the sequel:the Roleplaying Game, involves defending Portland-5 from a new threat. This time from beneath the sea.
An evil organization that rocks under the sea.
Glamorous and metal and snorky they be.

The as of yet unnamed season 3 of Gurrenvangalion

I really need to stop thinking about this entirely too stupid and over the top mecha and popmusic fictional anime, but I am already plotting out the 3rd season of it, because it will have a meta-plot and plot arcs unlike the first two season.
I think I may have to start writing fanfiction for Gurrenvangelion involving Eren jaeger as the front man for a death metal band, and Shinji Ikari as the student of ballet choregrapher backup dancer for the death metal band.
Damn it now I’m thinking about the Dai Gurren Brigade as a synth-pop group, the Survey Corp as death metal group, and the Eva kids as a pretentious Smooth Jazz group.
It’s bad when what is essentially the fanfiction equivalent for a campaign setting ends up making you think about fanfiction of it.
  And now some visual and musical inspiration after the break

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