04 December 2013

Swiggity swant, here is a rant

It's weird I've been blogging about my hacks about to Pendragon since I started my blog, and none of those posts have received as much traffic as my shitty campaign maps, which is is flattering because they are shitty drawings, OR my one post about changing Classic Traveller, which is evidently  stupid because other versions made similar changes or because "mah old game shouldn't ever be changed" mentality.
Sorry for thinking it would be cool to have the players be IN a sovereign space power's black navy instead of veterans and retirees.
Sorry for not being alive when your bloody perfect game was first published.

Never mind that I'm thinking due to the coarseness of the space combat rules as they are written is too coarse for me to run singular players in fighter craft. Sure I could, but I'd have to hack it because 10 minute turns is too slow for space-dogfighting. As written the rules would be perfect for fleet sized engagements, which is I think the actual intention.