01 December 2013

Classic Traveller ideas

Ever since I bought Classic Traveller's LBB and realized that "no Virginia, you aren't going to get anymore skills through play", I've been thinking how to change that without drastically altering CT to such an extent that it lost its charm.
Then it hit me, the prior service rolls reflect the shit the character did before going to be an adventurer. "No duh" you say? But what if CT were treated like KAP. You do a little bit of preliminary character gen, have an adventure or two a year, and roll on some tables at the end of the year.
Now the reason I was thinking about this was because I was wondering how to model the PC party like members of a crew in their youth, doing their thing. Maybe they retire, if they live to retirement, and become space smugglers and mercs.

So my proposal.
Roll stats per CT
Do the enlistment/draft rolls. As this is focused towards military/para-military governmental groups, I'd be using Books 4 and 5 with the 1 year assignments. It would make the most sense if everyone was in a service that matched (duh) so Navy/Marines would make sense etc etc.
The optional attempt to go to college or the branches Military Academy, medical school and flight school would be  allowed.
Play would obviously start with the group after their respective initial entry training of one year and all its rolls. After every in game year the end of assignment/term rolls would be made, which would be when each character could possibly gain or improve skills.

Now if only I had a LBB that had more than a single entry on fixed wing jet propelled aircraft. Or a btech book with LAM stats...

Of course this might be flying in the face of the implied play of CT, sandbox space adventures, by having the players tied to a military organization until discharge, but at the same time if the implied setting was some large black navy vessel, it open ups the possibility for PCs to come and go as players do, as PCs can be reassigned or simply fade into the background temporarily.
Additionally I've been thinking about a terrible injury table that gets rolled instead of dying outright on a failed Survival roll.