29 December 2013

Brief After Action Reviews of my game's first two sessions.

This is mostly just scraped from my G+ profile, and may or may not get more fleshed out. I do plan on doing better AARs for future sessions, with pictures.

This also contains spoilers for Frog God Games' Free RPG Day Swords & Wizardry module Hall of Bones, which I notice is not free on their webstore.

First session
It was also the first game for a friend from college. My wife and our two friends all had characters with max or near max hp. The newbie rolled a bard with 1 hp. Guess who died to the first trap? The henchman and the two thieves. The thieves died being idiots around the pit trap. The fighter died to a ghoul. The bard is still alive and is so far the only one to kill anything. 

Last night's game showed me that I need to GM more often because I've gotten rusty; that I definitely need to make myself a screen; and that I need to rework my armor as DR house rule.
Also pit traps are deadly and so are ghouls, against a single character.
A random thing that popped up was having dungeons and traps get experience for killing adventurers and leveling up. 
 Second session

I just wrapped up session 2 of the free yet DEADLY S&W HALL OF BONES for my group.
After the bard fled and got new companions, they all successfully did not feed the pit trap. They slaughtered 8 random rats while screwing around. They got into a tug of war over a door with the SPIDERS. And through damn dirty luck burnt half of the spiders out.
Upside, my wife's fighter almost burned to death due being set on fire by the party to save his life from suffocation by purple moss.
 More fully: In session two, still being the same day from last session, the bard made it back to the tavern and convinced a drunk human knight and elf spell-blade, and a sober cleric of Heironeous to accompany her back into the dungeon. Instead of waiting until the next day to sober up, they, and by they I mean my wife's fighter, decided to go right on ahead to the dungeon, while drunk. There was some sass from my friend about her elf not being drunk because elves don't get drunk. BWAHAHA roll a save vs poison to see it you are drunk. So the drunk human and elf are drunk.
The bard leads them to the dungeon, and discovers the pit trap was gone. So they start searching for it. No one can find it, even through there is the piton with rope tied to it that was used to get out of it still there. The elf finds a small hole, which everyone had missed last time, and starts poking around with her dagger. There is a click, and after some finagling around with trying to get the dagger to stay into hold down whatever made the click, and failing, they decide to have the elf hold her dagger in the hole pressing down the switch and tie a rope around the fight and walk across down the hall.  Since they disarmed the trap it didn't spring, and everyone else got across safely. The elf decided to take her sweet time across, so it springs, but she was tied off, and the pit was deeper than it was earlier, and ironically it being deeper saved the elf from taking falling damage.
So having not fed the pit trap this time, they got the first room and halted for discussion about what was up head, they also got a good look at the dead bodies at the bottom of the pit, two adventurers, a henchman and a ghoul. They knew there was at least one more ghoul, but they weren't expecting to see Kyle the the fallen fighter now ghoul and Groo the ghoul dog, both of whom died due to ghoul. I'm terrible. The poor bard was the one who killed her former adventuring companion.
They found a box of loot, broke it open, and damaged a potion, which they were deathly afraid was acid that was going to dissolve the treasures in the box.
After digging around some more and fighting some rats, they decide to venture into the spider's cavern. By venture I mean my wife's fighter rushes into it, promptly getting ambushed by 3 giant spiders. Fortunately for me, she and the bard's player are both normally arachnophobes so they ran away. And played tug-a-war with the busted open door. They cleric and the fighter devised a plan to tie a rope to the door handle and hold it close as they walked back out to the room they found the treasure chest in, and then fill the hall with broken wood to start a fire. They also decided to tie the rope around one of the support pillars. They all started to run out as dirt and rocks started falling from the ceiling, when they got attacked by more rats. They also through dumb luck, and dumb GM, managed to burn down half the spider webs in the cavern and kill HALF of the spiders, they don't realize there are still 30 giant spiders waiting for them.
As the bard's player has been up since sometime the day before, they were wanting to call it, but I pushed them a tiny bit go in the other direction. During which time my wife's fighter, AGAIN, falls victim to something, purple moss. Without the quick thinking of the cleric who dragged the fighter to safety and set him on fire, he would be dead. But they all made it to the shrine of Muir the Goddess of Righteous Ass-kicking and Paladins, and that is where we ended.

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