23 November 2013

Spoils of War and the Word-Hoard

Yesterday we went to Olympic Cards and Comic to purchase a hard copy of Adventurer, Conquer, King. That didn't happen.
There was a sale going on.
We bought things.
Lots of things.

The spoils of war?
Not pictured some cheap minis we bought and a book on GM prep for my wife.

6 boxes of pre-painted 25mm minis. They were $1 a box.

Zombie or orc cavalry on giant cats.

With a reaper dwarf and a battleforce scale atlas for comparison.

Added to my collection of Exalted books. A game I will never run, but damn are the charm names cool.


All this old traveller.

Exalted? Probably won't play. But I might take stuff from it.

Look at all this DnD, and Unhallowed Metropolis which is only on this shelf because I ran out of room on the shelf of not DnD.

The rest of DnD.

Pathfinder. My wife runs this game.

More DnD.

Don't judge me for having my OSR soft bounds next to Palladium.

Percentile based stuff.

Complete boxsets. The RQ one even had the original dice. It's also home to contents of the Ringworld game Chaosium put out.

Dragon Magazine

More Dragon and Dungeon.
So I got Tenra Bansho Zero. Now I can run Random Anime: the RPG.
And original Traveller, so I can use it with random OSR SF games like MotSP and SWN, for either space stuff, OR for a (air)piracy solo-game for my wife. Along with Spelljammer, the 3.x airship book and the PF airship book.