09 November 2013

Sources I and wife are using or will be.

Yesterday my wife and I  got new tires for her SUV. Then we made the mistake of going to visit Olympic Cards and Comics, our not-so-local but extremely friendly game store. New acquisitions were made.
For my wife's PF game.

For my game. Space navy OSR stuff, random monster generation, far future Earth and BESM Space Opera sourcebook.

We also got.
In any case, here are the books I am using for my game of Knights and Kaiju.

OCC also has a few copies of Tenra Bansho Zero. The two things that prevented me from buying them is the price tag, and the heftiness of the rules. I want to get it, but I want to be sold on it by people who have played it.

A sadly content-less blog post, but college sucks my time. Rewriting an essay on kennings, researching racism in the context of RPGs, cramming mathematics I won't ever use into my head.