23 November 2013

Encounters while wandering a forest or hunting for Knights and Kaiju.

Roll 1d4+1d6+1d12 and consult the the table below. Not all encounters have been stated yet. Add 2 to the table or subtract 2 from the roll because I'm too lazy to format this for 3-22 spread.

  1. Angelic Encampment-the Player Knight(s) stumble across some celestial being holding court or a tournament in the woods. The knights will be greeted according to how close they cleave to the virtues ascribed to Christianity. Most likely disguised.
  2. Infernal Encampment-as above, although the demonic lord and its retinue will be inclined to tempt all but the most Christianly pious of knights.
  3. Giant Beetle, Rhino
  4. Giant Beetle, Bombardier
  5. Giant Beaver
  6. Giant Owlbear
  7. Wise-person OR "Maiden" -if the PKs just had a significant encounter a wise-person will show-up to explain the wisdom they should gain from it. If they are in search adventure a "maiden" will show up to lead them to one.
  8. Local Knight-random knight from the kingdom they are in. 
  9. Giant Bear, Black
  10. Giant Wolf
  11. Giant Stag
  12. Giant Badger
  13. Foreign Knight
  14. Giant Bear, Brown
  15. Giant Bear, Two Headed
  16. Faerie Knight
  17. Infernal Knight-May be disguised
  18. Angelic Knight-May be disguised
  19. Faerie Encampment-as the Angelic and Infernal, only with respect the pagan faiths and won't be disguised.
  20. Questing Beast and King Pellinore/Sir Palomides (depending on when)