30 November 2013

Campaign maps

First up is the map of the post-apoc Knights and Kaiju Europe. Sure you are probably wondering why the hell do you even need a map for a setting that is in itself is probably just an internally inconsistent hallucination or glitched up computer simulation. To which I answer, why the hell not?
So far fantastic far-future Europe contains, weird-ass British Isles centered around Logres from KAP.
Hivernia where Spain used to be from The Chronicles of Future Earth  BRP setting because I totally need to have sci-fantasy future Earth stuff.
And, Die Neue Deutche Republik where Germany used to be from Rifts because giant stompy robots that aren't Macross.
The seas are toxic sludge, especially between Britain and France. France btw might end up being something else crazy, like bits of Hawkmoon's Tragic Millennium Europe.
Despite all appearances I have actually have formal drawing and drafting training.
I'm thinking of jamming bits of Iron Kingdoms Hordes where Pictland and Scandnavia are.
And somewhere to the west will be North America where the Coalition States battle the Invid, and Xitick, and somewhere ARCHIE schemes schemes, because why not.

Next up is the really rough map for the world I would be using if I were to be running a D&D-clone.
This is really just a way for me to use more of those setting books I have collected. The Three Lands and Lands of Bharata are from Spears of the Dawn  and Arrows of Indra respectively.
The archipelagos are space for me to later add Qelong should I get it. 
But then again I may scrap this plan in favor of alt-history Earth and have Egypt or one of the African empires be the origins for the PCs as they journey north to loot the ruins of the Roman Empire while fight degenerate albino elves.

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