01 November 2013

Random Encounters

Brainstorming random encounters for Knights & Kaiju. These are heavily inspired by some of the ridiculous tropes from The Quest of the Holy Grail.
  1. Maiden (50% chance evil demon/mutant in disguise)
  2. Knight you know (but don’t Recognize. chance will challenge to a joust)
  3. Knight you don’t know
  4. Hermit that pops up to tell you the allegorical truth of what just happened
  5. the Questing Beast (?)
  6. GIANT (something mutated to kaiju huge)
  7. A group of knights that set up camp at a bridge/ford/cross road that will only allow passage if victorious in some martial contest (random table for this later)
  8. Bandits (may have armor or scavenged artillery)
  9. MERLIN (because wizard?)
  10. same as 6 but allegorically/spiritually/magically important
  11. Faerie nobility and retinue
  12. Obviously demonic nobility and retinue

 I'm not really sure how gonzo I am going to go with this list, but considering that it has giant mutant-cyborg monsters that terrorize villagers, and a radioactive wasteland, probably very gonzo.