17 November 2019

Ætherjack’s Almanac Number 1

How exactly do golden barges traverse the humpbacked sky?
The anti-canonical answer to that is found here in the first issue of Ætherjack’s Almanac. Covering the three most common forms of engines, an unemployed elemental background, and npc statistics for air and fire elementals.

This is the first thing I've made with Affinity Publisher.

12 November 2019

Troikajammer 1.x Engines


These are rough mechanical ideas to facilitate dumping Spelljammer on top of Troika for purposes of having some rules.
Honestly should get around to asking the few other people who have done this for what they did, but also anti-canon.
As these are mostly just a conversion kind of thing I won't be bothering to rename most things.
Spell Engines
To fuel one of these engines someone must expend stamina as if they were casting a spell. This is enough to fuel one day's operation.
Ship/Spelljammer Rating is based on the Skill+Level of the spell being "cast."
For minor helms SR = 1/3 total Skill rating.
For major helms SR = 1/2 total Skill rating.
Elemental Engines
It costs 1d3 stamina to fuel one for one day.
SR is 1/2 the elemental's relevant piloting Skill rating.
These consume metals.
The SR is always 2. The amounts listed are a week's worth of fuel. Examples are in parentheses.
Iron - 5 TONS
Lead - 1 TON
Semiprecious metals (silver) - 8 pounds
Precious metals (gold or platinum) - 1 ounce
Ultra-rare metals (uranium or other radioisotopes) - 1/2 ounce

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11 November 2019

Veterans Day 2019 Sales

So I've been telling myself that I was going to aggressively promote my games during this holiday weekend because I am a US Veteran and a disabled one at that.
Kind of forgot to promote myself during the weekend.
But I have two sales for today only.

Almost all of my games are 33% off for today.

And I have two games for 100% off today.

Also Science-Fantasy Potpourri is still bundled with Troika! Numinous Edition.

And if you miss the sale today, it suddenly became Veterans and Military Families Month this year, so I've had a 5% off sale this month.

Additionally, almost all of my games with price have some number of Community Copies which means you can probably get anything you want for free with the assumption that is due to some financial hardship. With a condition that I only add Community Copies based on the number of copies or money tipped sold.

And a reminder that if you want Science-Fantasy Potpourri you can still get copies from Melsonian Arts Council. There are an extremely limited number of copies and I do not know whether I will ever do another run.

If you want to keep up to date with High Fructose Hyper-Space a Troika-centric space supplement while I work on it you can still get updates here, but if you want to do that while supporting me you can check out my patreon which does have stuff like doodles and art wips.

Trying to make functional satirical monsters

Some critictism I have seen about Troika! is that no one is playing it, or folx are only making backgrounds and not other important content or some bullshit.
So, I was already planning on retooling these to be monsters.

Sof Boi Ludological Engineer
These pastel haired milk skinned beings are frequently found at the center of cults to their various, and seemingly minute and inane, interaction fictions and games. even if found alone, their cults are distant in the physical realm.
Skill 8
Stamina 8
Initiative 3
Armor 0
Damage Only Social
Can test skill to summon the phantoms of their diverse cult boost initiative by 1d6 which will be used to attempt to weasel out of any hostile situation (one frequently caused by themselves).

Woke Marketing Broseph
A sadly common being in larger cities and infosphere. Commonly found expanding upon older texts of ancient lore and amusements for added value; leveraging their wealth and position to enrich themselves; praying before their dark corporate lords; or directing attacks upon any whom have wounded their egos. Rarely found alone. They have a crowd of sycophants willing to sing their praises and commit "clandestine" acts of sabotage.
Skill 9
Stamina 13
Initiative 2
Armor -1
Damage Only to money

Sharp Lords of the March
These old money artistes dabble in all manners of amusements while slumming so deeply they have disguised their monied origins. Fond of ingratiating themselves deeply with the downtrodden, forming small armies to engage their foes for minor grievances.
Skill 9
Stamina 6
Armor -1
Initiative 3
Damage whatever their minions are using.
Can attempt to engage all foes in a "debate" by testing Skills, during which no other actions can be taken.

02 November 2019

Traumatized Mechanized Infantry Soldier a Troika! background

Traumatized Mechanized Infantry Soldier

You were betrayed by your unit deep in the humpbacked sky on a raiding mission. Left to suffer a slow death in the void through a combination of luck and a seemingly bottomless well of resolve found yourself on the outskirts of <insert your choice of multiplanar megalopolis with a junkyard>.
Breathing Mask
Light environmental suit
Partially refurbished solo standing tank
Advanced Skills
3 Standing Tank Fighting
2 Fist Fighting
2 Micro-grav Fighting
2 Standing Tank Programming
2 Engineering
2 Pistolet Fighting
Whenever you are reduced to zero or less Stamina, test Luck to survive, adding an advancement check every advanced skill you possess and add point to your maximum Stamina and Skill. (Note: this can clearly be abused so like don't or you might just die anyways).
You may test Standing Tank Programming <something involving initiative or as dodging skill?> as well as to have your Standing Tank act on its own for a number of rounds equal your to Standing Tank Programming skill.

01 November 2019

Sof Boi Ludological Engineer Troika! Background

Sof Boi Ludological Engineer
Your calm soft hair and choice of soft non-threatening coloring conceal your inner nature.
The aforementioned soft pastel hair (facial hair is optional but recommended to show you are not afraid of gender roles)
Viewing crystal broadcaster
Over rated treatise on the methodologies of pedagogical ludonarratives
More hair dye
A miniature self portrait highlight the ur-sof-boi that is you
A distant but massive cult
Advance Skills
1 Speaking
1 Ludonarrativition
3 privilege denial
3 deflection
Test luck to signal to your cult that an imaginary tribe hates you

20 October 2019

Unemployed Drive Elemental a Troika! background

Unemployed Drive Elemental

In some savage spheres your kin are imprisoned in engines, forced to labor, slowly dying in both body and soul. Fortunately, you hail from a sphere where such atrocities never happened while still inventing the mechanics of harnessing the power of elementals. Or at least such atrocities are so far past as to have been long forgotten. As such, you are a trained and formerly licensed, bonded, and insured Drive Elemental.

1d3 sixths of a mortal soul
Elemental Brethren of Drives & Engine membership card, expired
Intersphere work permit, exired
3d6 unpaid and overdue traffic citations
A body of and shrouded with flame (lightly armored & fists as fire bolt) or wind (modestly armored & fists as maul)

Advanced Skills
3 Astrology
3 Secret Signs - Elemental Navigation Buoys
2 Human Sexology
2 Fist Fighting
2 Golden Barge Pilot
2 Shuttle Pilot
2 Flitter Pilot
2 Spaceship Pilot
2 Dock & Harbor Smooth-talking
1 Elemental Bureaucracy

Assume you have 2 in any flying craft Pilot skill, but track the advancement of each and every such skill separately. (Or don't. It's not my game).
As both your membership card and work permits are expired, you, or a factor, must negotiate with any sphere's elemental court, bureaucracy, guild, or union to function in the capacity of a drive elemental within that sphere as well the duration and other such minutia.
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19 October 2019

#troikajam and backgrounds

I wrote a background for #troikajam, then wrote some more inspired by that in a manner, then took them all down, then updated Dead Traveller Character for the jam. Then re-posted the other backgrounds.

<<<<Troika Background Jam >>>> 

Been a wild couple of days.

17 October 2019

Even more Magical Exalted

Even more Magical Exalted

The Life Giving Sun and their companion the Ever Changing Moon are important beings

Possible mechanics:

Each charm has a mastery track (progress clock), and once found and "equipped" this track fills. Until the track is filled, the charm takes up "space." I guess this is experience for the charm. Something like materia I guess.

Related is the idea of each N sessions a MG's charm capacity increases in the same way that characters in Goon hacks level up each session and improve the inventory stat equivalent.

It is likely I'll place a hardcap of +4 from charms to any given move. This is to mirror the spread of attribute scores from other pbta games.

The goal to make/convert charms that grow MGs horizontally not vertically, if that makes sense.

Adjust the move success ranges to account for charm bonuses. Or have the level of a threat/difficulty either modify the move roll or have its own success ranges.

Some musings:

Someone once told me that magical girl is different from shonen fighting anime because in one combat is not how things are resolved. Sure. But at the end of the episode, and this relates to mecha anime, each show leads to a final moment that usually resolved with martial conflict regardless of what the actual build up through the episode was. There is always some kind of personal growth, some kind of interpersonal growth. The main characters are to various extents fueled by the feelings. The power of friendship frequently is what wins the day.

This is like the D&D is about combat argument in that folx get wrapped up in the wrapping paper. Sure, the trappings are important because the way we talk about similar things is what makes them different. So I don't want to be overly reductive, but say that the amount of cross-over in the themes of these genre is negligible feels wrong.

But, just like I've quipped that detailed rules for an aspect of a game form the setting. They provide a scaffold to hang the characters from. This is a long(?) drawn-out way to explain or justify what might turn in an "excessive" emphasis on magical combat for MFXalted.

There are a lot of "D&Disms" I am working against, but I may embrace if only because things like wandering a Nightmare Labyrinth as D&D-esque dungeon is a different take than other folx are probably doing with magical girl rpgs. We don't all have to have the same design goals. Hell, it's probably good we don't as we can filch from each other and other folx can remix our ideas.

I was going to muse through what it actually means to say PMMM is a deconstruction of the MG genre or that Mob Psycho is a MG anime because it is an inversion of shonen anime. Because I don't really know?

I am shooting for a much more hopeful or uplifting base assumption than something like PMMM or even Magical Fury. Such as the companions generally not having deep dark secret/malign goals like Kyuubey. More like Luna or Cerberus.

convert a few charms to being a name, one line description, and bonus.

get around to continuing Magic Knight Rayearth and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Ætherjack’s Almanac Number 1

How exactly do golden barges traverse the humpbacked sky? The anti-canonical answer to that is found here in the first issue of Æther...